Integrated Phonics Learn English Parent-Child Communication Video Deal Announced

A new partnership has been announced between Jump Phonics, of North America, and leading Chinese education resource, Maple Eye. It will help more young learners to master English through a range of educational videos.

Jump Phonics, a North American online education provider dedicated to young English learners, has partnered with Maple Eye, a leading Chinese online education portal. The partnership will provide a way to seamlessly integrate Jump Phonics’ education principles and resources with Maple Eye’s WeChat Official Account Portal platform in China.

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This partnership further enhances Maple Eye’s educational resources for teachers and parents in China with better efficiency and user experience. Users and followers can receive and access all relevant information available from Jump Phonics in one platform.

Jump Phonics is dedicated to creating lifelong lovers of the English language with an integrated approach to phonics and oral English. The company strives to boost the confidence of its students, helping any young learner to succeed. Through working with Maple Eye and the company’s renowned account management systems, it aims to empower customers and followers to improve their learning.

The partnership intends to design a series of educational and promotional videos to inspire Chinese parents with better ways to communicate with their children. This will be in effect by the end of the year, helping more young learners to succeed.

Shawn Pecore, Founder of, said: “Jump Phonics is delighted to partner with Maple Eye in China. The new partnership will allow us to integrate seamlessly into their platform to enable their users and followers to access our English Language materials efficiently with the best possible user experience. We are looking forward to a long and successful relationship with Maple Eye and able to grow their business.”

Maggie Liu, Founder of Maple Eye, added: “Learning English as foreign language in China is difficult, especially for young children, and Jump Phonics has developed a leading position in the market with their approach to give the confidence to any young learner to succeed. The addition of Jump Phonics into our platform will give those learners the confidence and fluency to communicate in English. This illustrates Maple Eye’s continued drive to work with specialty partners to add value for our users and followers.”

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