Analyzes Top 2018 Commercial Transportation Trends Analyzes and Reports on 2018 Commercial Transportation Trends. Leading California-based truck insurance wholesaler stresses importance of embracing new technologies and offering new services to keep up with changing demands of customers., a California-based insurance wholesaler for independent commercial agents offering a software-oriented quoting system for auto liability and MTC, recently analyzed and reported on the top 2018 commercial transportation trends in the commercial cargo/truck transportation space. In so doing, representatives of the company stressed to established transportation organizations the importance of embracing new technologies and offering new services to keep up with the changing demands of their customers.

“As digital native competitors proliferate, it’s become even more vital that established transport companies take advantage of cutting-edge tech, as this is something customers everywhere are demanding,” states a senior spokesperson for “For a commercial transportation company, there are one of two vastly different futures to head into: Take command of ‘Carrier A’ and watch it continue to take its current path, providing shippers with reliable but cheap service using product that’s established with performance metrics/definitions, or take command of ‘Carrier B’ and embrace innovation.”

According to representatives, adopting prospects of automated fleet management, advanced vehicle-related IT systems, robotics, cloud-based data analytics, autonomous vehicle technologies and location detection offers transportation companies the capabilities and flexibility to “shift gears” and focus on services most profitable based on their customers’ ever-evolving needs.

Furthermore, research has indicated that where it was possible before to avoid making a choice, that’s no longer the case – 2016 was a breakout year for new technologies in the commercial transport industry, even though many companies still resisted utilizing them, and 2017 into 2018 is on par to continue this trend. With an explosion of new entrants and a level of disruption of this type, commercial transportation entities – notably high-asset, established businesses – can no longer expect to be sheltered from competition.

Among the more intriguing and potentially high-impact technologies available now or on the horizon to consider, say reps, are self-driving trucks, real-time logistics, robotics and predictive networks.

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