Instaviral 2 Cyril Jeet 2016 Image Editing & Sharing Software Launched

A new online image sharing software has launched that can help users generate popular images that are then posted to image sharing sites. The process can help establish authoritative backlinks and improve website ranking for any business.

A new product has launched that submits images to social media and image sharing sites and helps to create powerful back links on high ranking, authoritative webpages. Called InstaViral, it is designed by is created by Cyril Jeet with the aim of helping users to improve their audience and increase brand awareness through social promotion of their products.

More information can be found on the official InstaViral website at:

The site explains that the product capitalises on the popularity of images on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. It underscores that all Facebook users are likely to have seen popular image based memes shared at one point in their usage of the site, because images can capture a moment better than text. Because of this, they are more likely to be shared, which can draw attention back to the brand the image is attached to.

InstaViral is a web based software that creates viral images for the user, so they don’t have to do the work themselves. When each user logs in to the program, they will find a powerful image editor that allows them to manipulate and edit images with ease, regardless of the experience of each individual. The software supports Photoshop effects, including Pixelate, Blur, Sepia, Sharpen and Emboss.

After images are created, the program will begin the process of submitting them to a wide range of sites in a fully automated process that takes stress away from the user. The site explains that, at this point, users can relax in the knowledge that their images will find their way to the most highly visited image sharing destinations, where they can be picked up by large audiences.

Because these sites are highly authoritative, with millions of users, they are especially well regarded by search engines, and having links back to a company site embedded on these pages can help to increase the company’s standing on pages like Google.

A full explanatory video is available on site, which highlights that the program is a web based SAAS that runs on any operating system or computer.

Further details can be found at:

Release ID: 118960