Instant Barter founder and CEO Ana Hawk featured in I-report CNN story

Instant Barter founder and CEO Ana Hawk featured in I-report CNN story on Why Rolex, Mercedes, PepsiCo and Small Businesses Are Using Barter to Grow Without Cash

I-report CNN has run an international story featuring Instant Barter founder and CEO of one the fastest growing barter organizations in the world,Instant Barter.

“Legal and accounting services, company websites and social media marketing, software, bookkeeping, and office supplies – all are essential to a start-up or expanding small business, and all can be obtained with barter."

“Entrepreneurs don’t have to eat up valuable cash or credit for any of these items,” continues Hawk in the CNN iReport interview. “Everything a business owner needs, wants or desires for business can be bartered. Barter is the oldest method of exchange in the world. Before money food, tea, weapons, spices and even human skulls formed the basis for everyday trades.”

“Barter is not just for small businesses. Mercedes Benz negotiated a barter deal of their buses for bananas in a deal worth $65m. And PepsiCo had a longtime Russian barter arrangement where it traded cola for Stolichnaya vodka. Donald Trump has used it. Staples trades excess furniture they can’t sell. Hertz barters use of their vehicles with Rolex as an employee retention strategy. After 10 years of service Hertz employees have been rewarded with a Rolex. Hertz gets those watches without cash in exchange for Rolex’ use of their fleet.” continues Hawk.

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Ana Hawk is the founder and CEO of Instant Barter, LLC. Instant Barter is the fastest growing barter company in the world, dedicated to educating people on how to use what they already have to get what they need right now, and to growing business in a challenging economy, thereby enabling them to proposer and live an abundant lifestyle. Learn more

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