InstaMailer Neil Napier Affordable Bulk Emailing Autoresponder Software Launched

A new autoresponder software entitled InstaMailer which allows marketers and businesses to plan, schedule and send bulk emails directly to their contacts’ inbox without ending up in the spam folder or facing rising monthly costs as their list grows has been launched.

InstaMailer, a unique autoresponder software enabling newbies or more experienced marketers to plan, manage and instantly broadcast emails directly into their subscribers’ inbox with no monthly costs, has been launched.

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Email marketing continues to grow in importance among marketers and businesses looking for the best return on their advertising dollars with recent studies showing that email is the preferred method of communication with a brand for more than 72% of consumers and is currently delivering higher conversion rates than social media and search engines combined.

For businesses owner and newbie or more experienced marketers who want to broadcast emails directly to their subscribers’ inbox without the risk of ending up in their spam folder and the rising monthly costs or technical hassle of regular autoresponder services, the renowned developer Neil Napier has announced the launch of a new software entitled InstaMailer.

This new autoresponder software features a high quality spam checker and a user-friendly interface that allow users to instantly send out bulk emails to their contacts without being flagged by the spam filters, plan and schedule email sequences to keep engaging prospects or existing customers hands-free.

It also offers an easy list segmentation process to enable more personalized and targeted campaigns, instant bulk import/export of a mailing list and access to detailed analytics on the performance of a campaign, including open rates or click through rates, with no monthly costs.

The creator of InstaMailer, Neil Napier, explains that “most autoresponders in the market have failed to live up to the needs and expectations of end users. With this tool, any marketer can have a powerful and comprehensive email marketing solution at their fingertips so no more of their emails ever end up in the spam folder and their budget is not wasted on the growing monthly costs of a traditional autoresponder.”

More information on the InstaMailer or the unique bulk emailing and list segmenting features that make it an ideal alternative to regular autoresponder services along with a video demo of the software and its newbie-friendly interface can be requested at the website link provided above or at

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