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Calgary company, Alpha-Plumbing Ltd. are the experts in installing, repairing, and maintaining boilers getting you set up for Calgary winters.

There are still quite a lot of Calgary area residences and businesses that rely on a boiler system to heat their structures. There are many good reasons to use such a system, but you need a company that knows about these types of systems to get the most from your boiler. Whether you are looking to purchase an upgraded boiler system or you simply need service for your current relic, boiler service of your current relic, Alpha-Plumbing Ltd. can help.

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Benefits of a boiler heating system:

Radiant, steam heat from a boiler heating system offers a number of advantages over forced air, natural gas heating systems.

1. Even heating. Steam heat provides even heat throughout your living spaces. There are no hot and cold cycles that you can have with a forced air furnace. In addition, water is a much better heat conductor than air.

2. No ducts required. Another major advantage to opting for a boiler heating system is that such a system uses radiators rather than a duct system to carry heat to your rooms. Ducts are not only expensive to install, but can cause a heating loss of up to 30 percent when compared with radiators.

3. No potentially harmful gases. The combustion process necessary for a forced air furnace to heat air produces carbon monoxide and other gases which are funneled to the outside of your building vent system. A boiler heating system creates none of these potentially harmful gases.

At Alpha-Plumbing, we’ve been helping Calgary residents like you for more than 10 years and know how to squeeze the best performance and reliability out of your existing boilers. And, extending the life of your boiler saves you money.

Don’t let your hard-earned dollars fly up your chimney. Contact Us Today for both boiler installation and repair at We provide 24/7 professional boiler services for Calgary residents and those in the surrounding areas. Our services include boiler repair, replacement, installation and maintenance.

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