Insta Joins the Ivy League of NABIDH and Malaffi Connected EMRs.

Insta by Practo has announced its upcoming collaboration with NABIDH and Malaffi, two HIE platforms run by the Dubai Health Authority and Abu Dhabi Health Data Service respectively.

Insta by Practo, a renowned global Hospital Information System, has recently announced its entry into the list of NABIDH and Malaffi connected EMRs. Though Insta is used in 1250 centers across 22 countries since its launch in 2008, connecting with Nabidh and Malaffi is a huge step for the company. Epic Systems and Simplex Himes are two other renowned healthcare management software providers on the list.

NABIDH (Network Analysis Backbone Integrated Dubai Health) is a visionary health information exchange platform run by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) that securely exchanges patient health records between public and private healthcare facilities in Dubai to eliminate the need for physical exchange of health records and thereby reduce clinical errors and increase patient safety.

Malaffi is a similar platform based in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and operated by Abu Dhabi Health Data Service – Sole Proprietorship LLC (ADHDS).

Insta provides its services to single-specialty clinics, medical centers, daycare centers, and hospitals.

A few features of Insta’s remarkable NABIDH connected platform are fast onboarding and connectivity to NABIDH, end to end insurance management, Microsoft Azure cloud hosting, specialty EMR, Seamless end-to-end integration to Insurance Aggregators (Shafafiya/eClaim Link), Financial Accounts ERPs, or Diagnostics Equipments, on-ground support and sales, improved productivity and financial outcomes etc.

Insta by Practo has had a visible and prominent presence in Dubai and Abu Dhabi even before its integration with NABIDH and Malaffi, and has a network of loyal customers in these and many other Middle Eastern cities.

This is what Ziad Salameh of La Mar Aesthetic Surgery Centre, UAE, has to say about Insta: “We are delighted to have this partnership with the Insta Team! The Hospital app is very sophisticated and meets all our business needs. We are looking for many years of collaboration and partnership. Insta by Practo is highly recommended.”

About Insta:

With over 1250 happy centers LIVE, with 18K+ active users and adoption in 22 countries, Insta by Practo has gone global with local offices in Bangalore, Dubai, and Riyadh, and has been in the innovative business of serving the healthcare provider community with clinic and hospital management solutions since 2008.

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