Inspired By Craft Announces Surprising Benefits of a New Eco-Friendly Liquid Chalk Marker

Inspired By Craft announced the availability of their new all natural liquid chalk markers, revolutionising the traditional chalk pen. Perfect for craft enthusiasts, business owners, professionals and parents looking for chalk markers without the flaws!

Customers looking for the latest all-natural chalkboard markers can purchase Liquid Chalk Fluorescent Markers by Inspired By Craft. The detailed product listing can be found here:

Liquid Chalk Fluorescent Markers have been designed to appeal to a broad market, from business owners to craft enthusiasts, even appealing to parents looking for creative entertainment ideas & craft supplies for their kids. Each pack includes:

•8 fluorescent wet-wipe liquid chalk markers – ensuring customers can create bold, vibrant statements with a clean smudge proof finish that is easy to erase.

•Chalk pen’s that are completely non-toxic, water-based, odour free & xylene free – making them perfect as a kid’s drawing chalk and for people who may suffer allergies.

•Japanese crafted markers with 6mm chisel tips – supporting clean, crisp lines while giving the user more versatility with writing & drawing stokes.

Sarah Williams, director of Inspired By Craft, when asked about the fluorescent chalk pen markers said:

“We are dedicated craft enthusiasts, passionate about delivering for our customers. We are excited to release this product as it takes the dust free, no mess, chalk pen phenomenon to the next level; combating many of the flaws traditionally experienced with chalkboard markers or window markers! No leaks, maximum coverage, crisp lines and a perfect finish that is smudge proof until you apply a damp cloth. What I particularly love is the ease in which the chalk ink can be removed, with the simple application of a damp cloth the ink is erased effortlessly.”

“The idea to reinvent the liquid chalk marker first spawned when experiencing the challenges associated with using traditional chalk markers first hand. We loved the versatility but found inherent flaws like translucent coverage, watery inks, poor tip quality etc. to be very frustrating.”

“Since the launch we’ve received great feedback from a huge array of customers, from teachers inspiring their students, business owners creating interest in their cafe message boards or shop windows to corporate management brainstorming ideas in their workplace. We’ve even heard from parents using them to help their kids complete their homework on bedroom windows, others using them on labels to organize the pantry or help decorate for their next dinner party or special occasion – even decorating eggs for Easter!!”

“We are excited by how well our liquid chalk markers have been received and can’t wait to give our customers even more variety with different product options in the future.”

Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at Those interested in purchasing markers can go directly to the product listing, here:

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