Inspired Bride Magazine Features the Rainbow Wedding Confetti of the Etsy Shop, Confetti Paper Party

Being featured in any magazine is great, but it was a great honor for the new Etsy shop, Confetti Paper Party to be featured in the May issue of Inspired Bride Magazine. Their new rainbow wedding confetti was the featured product.

Inspired Bride Magazine featured the rainbow party confetti of the new Etsy shop, Confetti Paper Party on its May issue as a great option for soon-to-be brides. Being featured in the magazine made it possible for the new Etsy shop that is known for its popular paper confetti as well as getting one of its most popular products introduced to the market.

Given that the Etsy Shop Confetti Paper Party is very new, it is a great privilege for the shop to be featured in the magazine. There are various confetti paper options that could have be featured in the magazine. However, the rainbow wedding confetti option was included among the colorful choices of brides to make their wedding celebration as colorful and as exciting as possible.

Confetti Paper Party is a newly launched Etsy shop and is offering a wide range of confetti products that are not only suitable for weddings but also for baby showers, parties, and other special events. There is a wide range of colors and mixes that clients can choose from and are offered at reasonable prices. Clients can choose from interesting choices of colors such as pinks, blues, yellows, purples and also the rainbow combination. The combinations are perfect for those wanting to mix and match light and dark colors that are perfect for weddings and happy baby showers for specific genders.

As the company has been featured in the Inspired Bride Magazine, people will gain awareness of the shop and get some details on what they can purchase from the shop for weddings or baby showers. This will also give people a sneak peak of what they can offer their future clients.

Confetti Paper Party is operating in Clear Lake, Texas yet is offering its products only under Etsy. As it opens its Etsy shop and being featured in a wedding magazine, it is also starting to make its name in its line of business. There are various confetti products and mixes to choose from and are all offered at reasonable prices suitable for any budget-tight celebrants and hosts.

Those who are interested with getting to know more about the products of Confetti Paper Party, go to their Etsy shop at You can also see their feature by going to the Inspired Bride website.

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