Insight Into Sapio’s Web-Based LIMS Solution’s Unique Features

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Sapio Sciences provide a little bit more Insight Into their Web-Based LIMS Solution as well as the advanced and Unique Features that comes with it

Sapio Sciences recently discussed its available web-based LIMS solution and the benefits that come with transitioning a laboratory to a more cloud-based approach.

Web-based LIMS give users the ability to automate best practices and provides controlled samples and data management through the internet without the need for any external software. This improves lab efficiency.

Sapio LIMS takes web-based solutions to entirely new heights, all thanks to its unique real-time collaboration not seen in any other web-based LIMS system. What this means is that users of Sapio LIMS have the ability to work collaboratively within the same workflow. Each unique user can edit and record information without interrupting other users.

Another feature completely unique to Sapio LIMS is real-time data updates. Not only can users work concurrently, they will also be able to see each user’s contributions and amendments as they happen, rather than having to exit and re-enter the workflow. Sapio SaaS LIMS software is the only known system on the market that offers the ability to see live data both inside and outside of the workflow process.

Like other web-based LIMS, Sapio allows the easy configuration of processes so that users can collect key information; however, Sapio LIMS also includes a cross-system with targeted searching feature that allows users to easily access crucial information. Sapio’s system makes it easy for users to create visual charts and get a better picture of performance metrics.

So to summarise, when applying a cloud-based LIMS – or even Sapio LIMS solution for that matter – will provide a multitude of benefits to users, and if users decide to partner up with Sapio Sciences, they will find that it can be a cost-effective decision that allows lab users to stop worrying about management and start focusing on other operations.

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