Insider Share Ownership Stock Value Screener Trading System Feature Launched

Stock market trading system company Stock Value announced the addition of insider stock holdings data to its platform, Stock Value Screener. Users now have access to current and historical data of the stock held and traded by corporate insiders of any listed company.

Stock market trading system company Stock Value announced the launch of an insider share ownership insights feature for its flagship product, Stock Value Screener. Users now have access to data about insider stock ownership and the sale or purchase of this stock.

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Corporate executive compensation structures and benefits typically include company stock options. Executives and directors who own stock possess a working knowledge of a company’s performance and financial health. As a result, knowledge of the holdings or trades by executives, owners, or other corporate insiders may significantly influence stock price and investor temperament.

The Stock Value online stock market trading resource gives users a clear view of the trading activity of corporate insiders. The volume, timing, and purpose of insider and institutional trading can be influenced by company performance, industry outlook, or large personnel, regulatory, industry, or fiscal changes.

Stock Value Screener lists recent purchases or trades made by corporate insiders that can be beneficial to investors. For example, a Stock Value user may choose to invest in a subsidiary funded by a larger corporate parent company based on an insider’s decision to purchase stock in the subsidiary.

Legal insider trading and holding information can also help investors hedge their investments and formulate investment strategies in the event of large volumes of insider-held stock being sold or traded at unfavorable prices.

According to a spokesperson for Stock Value, “Historically, investors see large purchases before stock prices go up and large sales before they go down. Tracking the purchase, holding, and sale behavior of inside investors can guide users to safe and profitable financial decisions of their own.”

Stock Value is a stock market trading and investment resource platform founded by David Hall, a successful stock market and real estate investor. Stock Value Screener features EPS and trading alerts, unlimited stock searches, and proprietary searches that help investors find undiscovered high-ROI stocks.

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