Innovolo Ltd Reveals New Case Study On World’s First Bamboo Water Bottle

Innovolo Ltd revealed their new case study today on World's First Bamboo Water Bottle. This case study demonstrates that Miti in the name is mighty by nature.

There is growing concern around the health of our planet and it is time to take control. Part of this solution lies in how we reduce the amount of plastic we use on a daily basis. Plastic bottles are one of the biggest culprits and there is an urgent need for alternatives.

‍MITI LIFE is a sustainable product-based business, taking its name from the Swahili word for trees.

‍MITI, in collaboration with the University of East London and the South Eastern New Energy Project, developed bamboo water bottles as an alternative to plastic water bottles. They needed a way to make this product accessible and available, while also building hype around their new products.

Bamboo is a highly sustainable product, but it isn’t readily accessible in the UK retail market. MITI LIFE could use this expanding market to generate awareness and create buzz for their new bamboo collection by tapping into it.

The main challenge for Miti Life with this product was to produce a unique product with amazing design aesthetics at a reasonable price point whilst making the product sustainable and environmentally friendly.

‍Miti Life wanted to design a reusable bamboo water bottle that was sustainable, stylish and affordable. The aim was to reduce the number of plastic bottles being used every day in the UK whilst also proactively reducing carbon emissions through their product production chains. The main challenge for Miti Life was to produce a unique product with amazing design aesthetics. Miti Life is seen as an emerging market leader in innovative and sustainable solutions to help people stay hydrated whilst reducing the true environmental impact of plastics and other man-made products on our planet.

How We Helped

The founder, Moses, was new to the business world and looking for some outside help on how to bring his new product idea to life.

‍Moses had a solid vision of what he wanted to achieve but needed assistance in putting his ideas into practice so reached out to Innovolo for help. What Moses was looking for was a company that could support his commercial and marketing strategy as well as develop the technical aspects of the product.

‍He needed access to the expertise he did not have but also a company that would show him how to implement his ideas in an effective way. Both Innovolo and Miti Life were satisfied with each other’s ability to work together and a product development partnership was set up. After being introduced to Moses, Innovolo took on board his passion for this new product line and set out to understand the specific business goals behind his idea. The team at Innovolo have designed a bamboo water bottle made from sustainably sourced wood by combining sustainable materials which release no harmful chemicals into the water.

‍This includes wood made from 100% bamboo and a non-absorbent, food-grade silicone seal. The bamboo water bottle from Miti Life is also environmentally friendly as it is fully biodegradable.

‍The reusable nature of the product will help to reduce the number of single-use plastics being used every day in the UK whilst also proactively reducing carbon emissions through their product production chains.

‍The MITI LIFE bamboo water bottle matches the brand’s ethos of sustainability, which is a great plus for their branding and sales. The case study is available at

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