Innovative Technique For Branding & Marketing Exposure-Kotton Grammar Case Study

Business branding is more crucial now than it ever has been. Just look at the dollar. It's recognized as a consistent value globally, but it's just a piece of paper. It's the branding that's made it recognizable. The secrets for cutting edge branding, start here.

Branding is more crucial now than it ever has been. If one doesn’t think this is the case, one should just look to the dollar, a world brand. It’s recognized as a consistent value globally. But truly it’s actually merely a piece of paper. It’s the branding that’s made it recognizable. If someone is seeking the secrets behind cutting edge branding, a perfect place to start is with the innovative technique used for Kotton Grammar.

People see branding on a daily basis and are commonly bombarded with it to the point that it doesn’t matter any longer. That is, unless there is a particular reason to remember it.

Really, the world has evolved and is on the Net and there are a lot of new people to market to all over the world. These new markets are consumers that purchase brands.. not products according to a report in Forbes. Branding that will demand attention today comes from a strong idea with unforgettable creativity to push through the product bombardment and foster something worth remembering.

“Branding is central to product recognition and success” says Sean May; Managing Partner at 1UP SEO. Sean went on to say, “Branding is the bread and butter of marketing and builds unbelievable value for businesses. And something new and unforgettable is even better. This is why we chose to use the talents of emerging artist Danny Shervin. Danny has become a social media, viral sensation, so building on our belief in branding, commissioned him to do a piece for us to put our theory in concrete. The piece being made can be viewed here:

It’s new, exciting, and we think highly memorable. Forgive the pun, but it takes ‘branding’ to a whole new level”.

The common theme in boosting brand awareness, no matter where one researches the subject, is the ability to be unique. From publication to publication, from interview to interview, it seems to be just that easy and just that hard.

With this in mind, it stands to reason that something with a new hook, a fresh twist, and even beautiful will be “burned” into the minds of consumers. Following that it’s just a few steps to global customers, becoming viral, becoming an SEO sensation and business success.

So how does this unique case study and amazing video help branding and ones business?

If a person is trying to get a product or brand on the map, it means playing to win. To win, the brand needs to be better than everybody else who’s also trying to position themselves. Commonly, companies understand this. They’re prepared to try and “win”, but aren’t so prepared to be really different. How come?

As having investigated this subject, it was noted that many people who grew up in the same era have similar names, wore clothes similar to others, and attended schools that were similar. People as a whole commonly like to “fit in” and shun those who don’t.

This is why many of the most successful brands were rocketed to stardom by entrepreneurs who were “different”. They were raised different and had different thoughts. And consequently they produced highly recognizable and different brands!

This is a substantial lesson in thinking outside the box, about being innovative and capturing the attention of the audience by standing out. This brings the subject back to the case study.

One can see a fresh approach to branding, an attention getting way of making a company logo something special. A logo that will generate a story about the day someone saw it created in such an awe inspiring way the next time that person sees it.

So how does one “spark” the creative thinking to find a new twist for marketing exposure?

Inspiration leads to creativity!

In a study from Frontiers In Human Neuroscience the findings in part were this:

Inspiration is a motivational response to creative ideas. Thus inspiration explains the transmission, not the origin, of creativity. “For example, one might be inspired by a breathtaking sunrise, or by the elegance of a new idea that arrives during an insight or “aha” moment. Thereafter one might be inspired to paint or undertake a new research project.” (Thrash and Elliot)

Having the tool of innovative inspiration available can be a wonderful thing. Finding a tool such as that in the marketing, branding arena can be difficult. This particular case study is a good place to start when looking for help in overall marketing, branding and SEO.

Truly having a memorable, recognizable and innovative branding idea is a topic that is certainly getting a lot of attention these days. However, businesses don’t know how or where to start when trying to use this this powerful tool. If one is just learning about, or having problems getting inspired to be creative in the quest to “win” the business game, using a tool, especially a visual tool, to jumpstart that creative thinking is excellent.

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