Innovative SEO Lead Generation/Online Visibility Keyword Ranking Service Launch

Orlando, FL - Qera Marketing launches a new service for improved lead generation and online visibility called SEO 7x. Clients are immediately connected to a team of developers who craft a customized blueprint for success so that brands are immediately promoted in the right places.

Ecommerce specialized digital marketing agency, Qera, believes there is a science to communication – a fact-based approach to how businesses connect with their target audience so that they feel emotionally engaged with the message being delivered. Driven by this belief in creating scientific and passionate work that resonates with the audience, it introduces a new service called SEO 7x.

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The new offering helps clients from around the world build their online visibility and rank on the first page of popular search engines, such as Google or Bing. Using targeted, consistent keyword ranking and technical SEO audit and research, brands notice a marked improvement in organic searches within a few months, which can lead to better conversion rates.

Despite its negative perception, SEO is an essential aspect of digital branding. Standing for search engine optimization, businesses who want to maintain their relevance need to have a properly executed SEO plan. Experts have noted that SEO is no longer dependent on quantity – or how much a business can produce content – but on quality, which focuses on professionally written news articles and a carefully planned social media strategy.

Qera, which is Hebrew for “to proclaim” or “cry out”, delivers technical on-page and off-page SEO strategies that allow companies to speak to their target audience. The team offers specific, actionable recommendations that strengthen their competitiveness, improve traffic volume, and better commercial intent.

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So what makes SEO 7x better than a normal SEO service? With SEO 7x, clients work with a dedicated team of seven developers, content creators and researchers to create a personalized SEO strategy to deliver creative and compelling content for the brand. Other agencies have one developer for all of this and go step by step. Qera does everything simultaneously. That’s 7x the traffic, organic keywords, and sales 7x faster. They have managed to get online visibility in a few weeks rather than a few months.

Part of the new service includes free site audits that provide a detailed report on current rankings, competitor footprints, and what else can be done to improve online branding.

As part of its social DNA, a percentage of all revenue is allocated to various social enterprises in developing countries. The company is led by Zaca Schubert, a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and digital marketing expert.

He has some incredibly helpful content on his Instagram if you own a brand or are interested in marketing

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