Innovative Day Trading Software and Educational Service for Day Traders Announced

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Learn how to make trades based on market structure and market logic instead of emotion and guess work by utilizing the most innovative day trading software, education and live trading support to become a consistently profitable trader.

Chapel Hill, United States – /PressCable/

An exceptionally innovative software tool and service for day traders has been released. To complement the software they are also offering an educational component with daily commentary and a live trade room. The two behind it all are Justin Weinraub and David Johnston. Between the two of them they have 40 plus years of trading experience.

“The software does what no other day trading software can do”, says Justin. “It takes in market data in real time and calculates the relative aggressiveness of the buying and selling. It also shows, in real time, areas of likely support and resistance being formed during the trading day. This is an excellent addition to the nightly updates and videos that are posted in the members area of the website.” Justin tells us. “Dave does an amazing job every night at determining support and resistance areas for our members to monitor for the next trading day.”

Justin continues, “when we combine this interday analysis with the intraday software our members can quickly determine the condition of the market and where trading opportunities exist. When the market tests a key area the software is invaluable in determining whether the market is accepting or rejecting price. When trades are entered from this background, traders can clearly define the degree of opportunity, the type of trade to enter and the expected targets.”

When talking about the markets Justin is quick to point out that “Most of our members are looking to us, not for the holy grail but for real help and a way to make sense of the market. Their goals are almost universally the same, to become a consistently profitable trader. Our core offering acknowledges the need for each trader to build a foundation of solid market understanding and to then combine it with a personalized trading strategy. The final piece is the most important and that's the trader himself.”

“Traders need a way to discover their own trading style and synchronize that with their emotional proclivities, temperament, goals and risk profile. Just in the same way any performance based activity like athletes or musicians need to find his own voice, so does a trader. We respect and encourage each trader to discover for himself what works best for them as an individual.”

In closing Justin says, “I think what we are most proud of is that our software and service helps all kinds of traders. We designed it so that virtually all day traders can benefit by using the software and our ongoing educational service. We appreciate the distinctly different backgrounds that each trader has when they come to us, Justin continues. As a result our members use the software and service in ways we would never have imagined. It's great to see their success”.

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