Innovative Commercial Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Launched

Sani-Spire is a newly launched hands-free hand sanitizer dispenser station which is designed for high-traffic commercial, industrial and retail establishments.

A manufacturer from Joliet, Illinois has just launched an innovative new commercial hand sanitizer dispenser. Sani-Spire makes customizable foot-operated hand sanitizer stations for commercial use.

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Sani-Spire’s newly launched product provides commercial establishments a safe and convenient way to encourage hand hygiene practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 virus has caused many businesses to take extra measures to make sure they are able to continue running their businesses while preventing the spread of the virus and at the same time, protect their employees and customers as well. Through innovation, Sani-Spire can assist business owners in their aims to keep their businesses safe by offering their new hands-free hand sanitizer dispenser.

Sani-Spire is a free-standing, foot-operated commercial hand sanitizer dispensing station. The foot pedal at base of the appliance makes it easy for anyone to sanitize their hands without touching any part of the hand sanitizer bottle or the appliance—this eliminates any hand-to-hand germ transfer which is one of the main causes of viral spread.

A durable appliance, it is made with 16-gauge powder coated steel. Only 36-inches high, it is ideal for all ages to use and light enough to be transported effortlessly, weighing only at 15 lbs. It is waterproof and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Sani-Spire does not entail any assembly or use of batteries or electricity. Its innovative sleek design makes it easy to place anywhere—in doorways, entryways, or corners without obstructing passageways. It is a free-standing mechanism with a wide stable base that is pre-drilled with three holes for those who want their hand sanitizer dispensers to be mounted and secured on the floor.

The device already comes with a 32-ounce Sani-Spire branded hand sanitizer gel, but can be used and refilled with any other brand. It is ideal to use in any high-traffic industrial, commercial, and retail establishments such as restaurants, stores, banks, hotels, airports, schools, or event venues.

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