INK & ARCH Eyebrow Shaping Educates Clients

Ink & Arch, Kelowna's number one authority on eyebrow shaping published a new informative piece earlier this month. The piece is aimed at educating clients on the different eyebrow shaping options available to them. To discover more, visit Ink & Arch eyebrow shaping at​.​

Kelowna’s premier authority on eyebrow shaping and microblading, Ink & Arch, published a new blog post last week. In the post, salon owner and eyebrow expert Leanne Kuhn details the often-confused differences between microbladed, powdered, ombre’d and shaded eyebrows.

Owner Leanne Kuhn wrote the post to inform the ladies of Kelowna of their eyebrow shaping options. Many clients come into the store confused about the terminology, she says, and it makes their head start to spin. As she goes on to explain, “shading is a relatively new technique that’s perfect for clients with oily skin”. In fact, all of the listed options, while similar in final appearance and shape, are excellent for those with combination skin.

Kelowna frequently turns to Leanne’s expertise on all things eyebrow – she is a recognized authority in the field of microblading, and is often called upon to teach others. At Ink & Arch the priority has always been the client, no matter what eyebrow option they choose. At the end of the day, the conversation between the artist and the client will determine what brow is best for the client and their skin type, and that should be the case at any brow shaping studio a customer chooses.

Even if a client has an idea of the brow shaping technique they think will be best, it is often a different technique that is actually better suited to their facial shape and skin type. This is why it’s important for clients to fully do their research on the quality of the artists and the services available at the salon of their choosing.

Ink & Arch offers microblading, powdered brows, ombre brows, and custom brow shading. They do all this by hand with custom consultations for each client, and each artist must pass the most rigorous of certifications and testing before working with clients. Ink & Arch eyebrow shaping is available at their salon, located at #9 – 1638 Pandosy Street, Kelowna BC. To find out more or to book an appointment, interested clients can visit Ink & Arch online at

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