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Do you feel frown lines are making you look too stern? Are crows’ feet bothering you or unwanted wrinkles? Do you want to look younger? We take a closer look at affordable injectables

Things to do During Your Lunch-break – Soften Those Worry Lines in Minutes

In stories and legends, heroes and heroines go on incredible quests in search of the fountain of youth. But although you may not find eternal youth, you can look younger without going on an epic quest. All you need is some time during your lunch-break.

We take a closer look at injectables – an alternative to plastic surgery that’s become affordable enough for the average person to consider seriously. Shelley Stevens, a certified nurse and co-proprietor of Platinum Face and Body Clinic, lends us her expertise along the way.

Why Everyone’s Talking About “Injectables”

There’s a lot more to non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment than there was a few decades ago. Biotechnology and injection techniques have come a long way. Clinics still use some of the older anti-wrinkle treatments because they work, but there are also injectables known as dermal fillers. They plump up the areas that become sunken with age. So nowadays, it isn’t just one treatment but more of a combination of treatments. There are fillers to restore volume loss and there are anti-wrinkle treatments to smooth expression lines. Dermal fillers is also commonly used to enhance a facial feature or correct asymmetry. For more defined chiseled cheeks or plumper lips, dermal fillers will give you that instant result.

Your Options: Anti-Wrinkle Injections or Fillers

Shelley tells us it’s not really a matter of which is better. Although both kinds of injectables have a rejuvenating effect on your appearance, they do different things. Anti-wrinkle treatments relax the muscles that cause wrinkles. Fillers don’t do that. Instead, they fill sunken areas.

What You Should Ask for When Making Enquiries

“We sometimes have patients specifically asking for certain treatments,” says Shelley. “However, nobody just asks for a treatment for its own sake. They’re looking for a specific result. That’s what we need to know.”

So, what’s bothering you? Do you feel that frown lines are making you look too stern? Is it crows’ feet that bother you or wrinkles around the mouth? Do you just want to look younger overall?

If your clinic listens to your concerns, its personnel can more easily recommend the right treatments to get the results you want. And although injectables produce fantastic results, they’re not the only non-surgical treatment on offer and a combination of treatment specifically tailored to the individual will be designed during assessment and consultation. And although injectables produce fantastic results, they’re not the only non-surgical treatment on offer. Combination treatments can be specifically tailored to an individual depending on their concerns and expectations and will be discussed during assessment and consultation.

Instantaneous Results

Everybody likes instant results. That’s part of the reason why injectables are so popular. They give you instant gratification. However, the results you get will depend on the skill of the practitioner. Dermal fillers provide instantaneous results, whereas anti-wrinkle treatment takes 1 to 2 weeks to see results.

Choosing the right sites for injectables is a science and an art. It takes medical qualifications and it takes experience. Just because it’s instant, doesn’t mean it’s something just anyone can administer to you.

The Lowdown on Recovery

Apart from getting noticeable results right away, there’s one other big advantage to choosing injectables. You won’t need any recovery time after your treatment, although for lip enhancement there may be some post treatment swelling lasting 1-3 days. As for anti-wrinkle, there is no downtime. Shelley says that some people visit her clinic during their lunch-breaks and go straight back to work.

There may be some slight bruising around needle sites, but that can be covered up easily. If you’re preparing for a very special occasion, Shelley recommends going for your treatment a couple of weeks before the big day. By that time, there’s no trace of the treatment, only the results.

It’s Not Permanent

Anti-wrinkle treatments last for three to six months, sometimes up to eighteen months! Dermal fillers last for six to twelve months. As a side-benefit, dermal fillers stimulate collagen production, so they do have some effect even after the six to twelve months have passed.

The fact that these treatments aren’t permanent can be a good thing. For example, a clinic patient might say she wants fuller lips only to find she prefers the way she looked before the procedure. So for your own peace of mind, dermal fillers are fully reversible. If she went for cosmetic surgery, she’d need a second surgery to undo the change. Shelley tells us that some surgeons even advise patients to try injectables before committing to a surgical procedure.

A Few Facts About Shelley

We were interested to find that Shelley is no ordinary nurse. She went on to achieve a very rare qualification: that of cosmetic nurse, after completing The Vocational Graduate Certificate of Cosmetic Nursing, a nationally accredited course from the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science. She also spent years working at other practices including alongside a facial plastic surgeon before starting her own clinic with her associate, Jacinda McKay.

So, if you’re tempted to spend your lunchbreak spoiling yourself to cosmetic injections in the Illawarra area, Platinum Face and Body Clinic has what it takes to treat you right. Contact them on (02) 4200 9468 or visit the Platinum Face and Body Clinic website to book a consultation online.

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