Infographic Displays Impact of NFL Concussion Protocol on Curbing Brain Injuries

As more attention gets focused on preventing brain injuries in the NFL and other sports, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers has created an infographic demonstrating what safeguards have been implemented and their impact on player safety.

After a recent report publicized in the New York Daily News (see revealed that 96% of professional football players that were examined displayed evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers has posed the question of whether contact sports pose a danger to children through their developing years. If repeated blows to the heads of professional athletes can result in traumatic brain injuries, it is very possible that children are suffering concussions in silence when playing high school football and other contact sports.

As concussions have become the common topic of conversation around the National Football League, new rules have been put in place in an attempt to curb the amount of traumatic brain injuries suffered throughout the league. Head to head contact is now discouraged through the implementation of penalties and fines and players are monitored more closely by medical staff on the sidelines for symptoms of concussions. While these measures have coincided with a sharp drop in the amount of reported concussions, 46% of players still admit to having sustained a concussion while playing (more information at

Not every concussion is detected or treated and some players return to the field without having been treated for injuries that have gone unnoticed by their coaches and trainers. The movie Concussion delves into the impact of repeated concussions that go unnoticed or untreated by following the story of an immigrant and pathologist whose discovery of a link between CTE and injuries sustained by professional football players causes the league to attempt a cover up. When the correlation between head injuries and CTE was made public, it resulted in a settlement between the NFL and about 5,000 players for a total value of $765 million.

While changes to the rules have had a positive impact, they haven’t gone far enough. Meanwhile, millions of children around the country participate in contact sports, not knowing whether they have sustained a concussion following a helmet to helmet hit or sudden impact to the head. None of these children are protected from the impact of these injuries on their cognitive functions later on in life. It is the goal of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers to raise awareness to these concerns and represent the interests of those who have suffered life altering injuries due to their participation in contact sports and those involved in accidents involving head trauma.

“While most areas of medicine have made tremendous strides in terms of diagnosis and treatments, we’re still living in the stone age when it comes to head injuries,” notes attorney Jonathan Rosenfeld of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers. “We’re still dealing with a mentality that kids with head trauma need to just toughen up. If the recent publicity from the NFL concussion settlement teaches us one thing– it’s that these injuries require immediate medical attention,” Rosenfeld added.

Witnessing the strides made with respect to understanding head trauma, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers has assembled an infographic demonstrating the prevalence of head injuries in the NFL and how parents can help in assessing their child for potential concussions and brain trauma. The infographic can be accessed here: For more information about the impact of repeated concussions and to learn about a person’s rights, if injured, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers can be contacted by calling (888) 424-5757 or visiting the website

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