Inflatable Bounce House Rental Business Surges Nationwide

The inflatable bounce house industry continues to soar as manufactured inflatables grow in popularity picking up a massive influx of customers along the way.

As fitness centers and wearable device manufacturers gear up for the massive influx of customers, that accompanies New Years resolutions, there’s another fitness revolution that’s been taking the country by storm. However, unlike other trends this one involves children—demand for inflatable bounce houses. Indeed, the industry that some are now calling one of the country’s fasting growing markets has come a long way; $5 billion a year domestically to be exact.

If the concept sounds new, here’s a summary. A bounce house is a type of inflatable that’s frequently used in parties and events for children and young kids. These can also be normally found at various festivals, school fairs and country fairs. Bounce houses or bounce castles can vary in shape and size, ranging from a simple enclosed bouncy area, to a huge house decorated in plenty of styles. Bounce houses are also called moonwalks, or simply ‘bouncers’. Children truly enjoy bouncing around and sliding down these units.

When asked why the sudden growth, Bouncer Depot spokesperson had this to say, ‘Here’s why bounce houses have become so popular over the last few years. Many parents in the United States chose to install bounce houses in their backyards not only to satisfy holiday demand but because inflatables act as a healthy alternative to the many hours that children typically spend indoors, playing video games.’

He went on to cite the health benefits that inflatable slides, bounce houses, and palaces offer young participants across the country, pointing out that commercial bounce house rental providers across the country have been reporting a substantial bump in interest over the past decade.

Why Are Bounce Houses So Popular Today?

Many parents point out that ‘they’ve never seen their children have so much fun as when they’re leaping like frogs in these bounce houses’. Smaller children love flipping and jumping in these inflatables for hours on end.

Inflatables, which include bounce houses, are now almost always present at children’s birthday parties, events, picnics and the like. This gives both children and young kids plenty of entertainment. Aside from these reasons, a lot of parents say they’re delighted to know that their children are having lots of fun with other kids inside a bounce house. Most of these bounce houses are designed to be safe to use for kids aged 3 and above, since they come in plenty of shapes and sizes.

They also come in many models like an underwater theme, a jungle theme, a princess theme and so much more. This kind of diversity is sure to provide a good recreational tool for children.

Additional Factors that Have Contributed to the Industry’s Success

Inflatables can be in the shape of castles, doll houses, animated characters, sports game bouncers, cars, movies, TV shows, etc. It’s very easy to pick the right idea for a certain event, since there are plenty of designs to choose from. A bounce house is completely safe and hazard free, as long as people adhere to their safety rule. Its inflated structure and rubber frame work will serve as a gentle landing pad for children. Bounce houses don’t have sharp or hard edges, and also have a wall made from soft mattresses. This ensures that children are safe when they bounce off these walls.

About Bouncer Depot

Bouncer Depot is an inflatable bounce house manufacturer based in Sun Valley, California. As a product maker the company works closely with local inflatable bounce house rental providers across the country providing the supplies and guidance necessary to succeed in the rapidly growing industry. All of these factors combine to make Bouncer Depot a leader in the the inflatable bouncer field. To learn more about Bouncer Depot visit them online at

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