Inflatable BFR Resistance Bands – Home Workout/Strength Training System Launched

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B Strong (1-877-395-2064), a fitness accessory specialist based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has updated its eponymous strength training system. It uses blood flow restriction (BFR) bands that maximize the results people can get from each workout.

The B Strong BFR Bands enable individuals to exercise smarter and more safely while also minimizing the risk of injury. These latest bands are worn on the upper portion of the arms and legs, and are designed to hone slow-twitch muscles.

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Upgrading its flagship product is part of the company’s mission to provide high-quality home workout equipment. Each set comes with two armbands, two leg bands, a hand pump, a carrying case, and a license for its proprietary training app.

Strength training is a crucial part of physical fitness as it trains the major muscle groups that people use in everyday life. However, most strength-based workouts entail investing in bulky and expensive equipment.

Company representatives claim that B Strong BFR Bands offer total body strength training in a single box. Users can complete a full-body workout in just 20 to 30 minutes, making this system ideal for those with busy schedules.

The bands work by safely restricting blood flow to the main muscles of the arms and legs. As a result, it recreates the benefits of an intense heavy weight training session even though users actually only perform light to moderate exercises.

Unlike other products on the market, B Strong BFR Bands can be inflated with air to increase the blood restriction to desired levels. Furthermore, they can be incorporated into other workouts like running, swimming, biking, and yoga to increase their effectiveness.

To ensure durability, the company allows various training gyms and even the US Military to stress test the bands. The pump is made of high-quality industrial-grade materials, while the velcro straps can withstand over 10,000 cycles.

About B Strong

B Strong creates innovative exercise equipment that helps people live healthier and more fulfilling lives. Its signature product has been featured in nationally syndicated programs such as Dr. Oz.

Founder Dr. Jim Stray-Gundersen says: “You can now improve your overall strength and fitness in less time with greater results. The benefits of BFR training lead to better health and wellness for the entire population — young or old.”

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