Infinite Pet Supplement’s Announces Launch of Innovative Organic Turmeric Supplement for Dogs

Experts agree turmeric is a safe yet powerful anti-inflammatory that carries many other assorted health benefits. Inspired by this knowledge Infinite Pet Supplements has released the first 100% natural and organic turmeric supplement for dogs, to fight inflammation, arthritis pain and boost overall health.

Joint and other pain from inflammation is very common in dogs, especially older pets. Finding a safe and natural solution to this type of pain is typically a challenge, and most veterinarian drug treatments come along with unwanted side effects. Fortunately, Infinite Pet Supplements have recently presented an alternative to medication, which is completely safe and natural and backed by science as effective, Infinite Pet Supplements Organic Turmeric Supplement for Dogs. Credited with being able to quickly bring many cases of inflammation and joint pain under control, the pet supplement has been met with enthusiasm.

“The Hip and Joint Supplement for dogs with Organic Turmeric almost didn’t see the light of day, when we realized how hard it was to make turmeric taste good for dogs,” commented Greg Hall, owner of Infinite Pet Supplements. “The problem was overcome by taste-testing many different flavors with dozens of different dogs over the span of 1 year.”

According to the company, in addition to combating hip and joint pain, and otherwise lowering inflammation, the organic turmeric has been shown to improve heart health, relieve many allergies, treat stomach issues, kill parasites and help a dog maintain or transition to a healthy weight by helping their metabolism.

Pet owners have given Organic Turmeric Supplement for Dogs positive feedback across the board.

Diane H., from Maine, recently said, “Our dog has had joint problems for years and it’s become much worse where she hardly likes to walk and play. A friend suggested we give her Infinite Pet Supplements Organic Turmeric for Dogs and she has improved so much it’s like she is ten years younger. Five stars and fully recommended.”

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