Infinit-I Workforce Solutions Announces New Features and Modern User Interface

Vertical Alliance Group Inc., founded in 1999, provides cloud-based training solutions that drive results. Vertical Alliance Group provides simple solutions to complex issues like documenting safety training and providing company-wide communication that is easy to implement and manage.

Texarkana, TX, July 8, 2019- Infinit-I Workforce Solutions announces new admin interface providing transportation safety directors an easier-to-use cloud-based system navigation, increasing productivity and efficiency. The latest update benefits drivers with a simple and intuitive experience allowing them to easily access training while they are away from the terminal.

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions, an assignment-based workforce training, and communications SAAS system have released a significant upgrade that features a reimagined user interface that improves scheduling and training communication delivery. Infinit-I Workforce Solutions leads the market in providing transportation companies ways to enhance and automate their safety training initiatives.

The focus on improved usability increases accessibility and productivity over other transportation SAAS platforms. Improvements to the primary navigation and simplified access to frequently used functions, enhance the user’s awareness of the system’s advanced functionality, as well as delivering quick access to specific content.

Safety Directors are Consistently Pressed for Time.

Maintaining accurate driver files and their safety records can be a constant battle. Utilizing the Infinit-I cloud-based training solution to distribute training, document, and store test results ensures the company has a permanent and unchangeable documentation of all safety training and corrective actions.

“Cloud-based SAAS platforms provide easy-to-implement methods to distribute training materials and company communications, as well as corrective action training that can be used by virtually any company,” said Jay Wommack, founder, president, and CEO of Vertical Alliance Group, Inc., the parent company of Infinit-I Workforce Solutions, “The microlearning lessons feature the most cost-effective way to implement and reinforce continuous safety awareness.”

John Hendry, Corporate Trainer from Aveda Transportation, says, “Since employees can complete assignments on any smartphone, tablet or PC, they can work on the assignments when they have downtime. And, due to the user-friendly system employees are completing assignments in a timely manner.

“Aveda Transportation went from around 15% compliance with required training using a previous training provider to over 90% across the board at all terminals on Infinit-I Workforce Solutions.”

The Infinit-I Workforce Solutions system is available now. The new system is a free upgrade to all existing clients.

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