Infia Media Pratama Announces Launch of its News Media Channel Website

Infia Media Pratama is a leading Indonesian news channel, providing accurate, factual and reliable information to the public on a variety of topics.

Jakarta — The start-up company Infia Media Pratama, has decided to move into a new realm of business by announcing a news media channel website that will prioritize the dissemination of facts and objective information. With a goal of providing more valuable knowledge to the world and fostering a more educated society, the company expects their new endeavor to succeed quickly and positively impact the community.

Infia stands for Informasi Indonesia, which can be interpreted as Indonesia’s information. This exemplifies the company’s mission to educate the public with accurate information. The company includes advertising agencies, media, content developers, and retail. They began by distributing creative content through social media as a pioneer of memes.

Their establishment is inextricably linked to the growth of the digital creative economy that Indonesia has experienced in recent years. Eventually, Infia Media Pratama created educational channels on social media through handles, such as @infia_fact and @infia_entrepreneur, before formulating this next innovation of the news media channel website that can be found at

Infia Media Pratama utilizes an unconventional marketing strategy. Instead of first creating an innovative product and then figuring out how to sell it to a market, they put the process in reverse. The company collects information from the market first to determine their needs and desires and then attempts to create a product to meet those needs. Their utilization of both push and pull marketing techniques bring their customers to their products efficiently. This groundbreaking strategy ensures that the products that are created serve a quantifiable purpose in society, as is the case with their new news media channel website.

In an era of fake news and sensational stories, finding the truth has become more challenging, yet more important than ever. They could not be releasing their website at a more opportune time to combat the trend of disinformation. Their system involves extensive research to ensure that the reader is not swayed by the subjective opinions of the author. The reader will be encouraged to formulate their own ideas rather than being informed by the thoughts of the general public— their strategies value logic overall.

Infia strives for its news content to be informed by data rather than whatever is trending or popular. They strongly believe in the power of education and want to make a strong impact on the people of Indonesia. Companies like Infia are making a resurgence due to the consumer’s desire to know the truth.

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