Infant Spoon Silicone Tip Natural Bamboo BPA & PVC Free Training Spoon Launched

Avanchy announces the launch of the new organic bamboo infant feeding spoon. It has been designed in accordance with customer feedback. The infant feeding spoon has a silicone feeding tip and a longer handle that fits perfectly into the hand of an adult or baby.

Avanchy announces the launch of a new organic Bamboo Infant Feeding Spoon. The spoon has a longer body and is designed to feed infants with minimal strain on a parents’ wrist. The feeding tip is also slimmer than in most other spoons, making it easier to get food into the infant’s mouth.

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Getting an infant weaned from the bottle and sippy cups is a stressful time for both parents and children. Many cases of children fussing with food and becoming picky eaters begins at this stage. This is where the Avanchy infant feeding spoon is designed to make a difference. It has been designed based entirely on customer feedback and is the perfect compliment to the existing Baby Training Spoon.

The infant feeding spoon is sure to arouse interest and curiosity in young users as they are designed in a range of bright and cheerful colors. A baby who is not bored will be more willing to eat. The organic bamboo infant feeding spoon has a gentle downward curve in the middle, making it easy to feed a small baby. Babies can be confidently allowed to explore and experiment with the foods on their plate at their leisure.

The feeding tip is made of silicone and is very gentle on the baby’s lips and gums. It is also just one inch in width allowing for very little food to drip from the sides of the baby’s mouth. The silicone is also safe even if the baby chews on it, as it is free of PVC, BPA, phthalate and lead. So babies can spend a longer time with their food and enjoy licking and nibbling on the spoon. Avanchy now has spoons available for children as young as three months right up to five years of age. For more information, visit the link given above.

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