Infant Formula Feeding Resources For Mothers – Expert Parenting Report Released

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Online parenting resource MamaBee has released a new report for parents who wish to formula feed their newborn. The article includes brand recommendations for organic, milk-based formulas.

MamaBee, an online lifestyle and wellness resource for parents, has released a new report about infant formula feeding. The site offers a range of informative articles on topics such as pregnancy, relationships, family entertainment, fitness, travel, and more.

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Parents can reference MamaBee’s latest report to find the right formula for their baby’s needs, as well as helpful information regarding the cultural shift from breastfeeding to formula feeding.

Today, over 80% of parents in the United States provide their children with nutrients via formula. Formula feeding offers a nutritious alternative for mothers who cannot breastfeed due to pain and discomfort, time constraints, diet concerns, surgery, or health issues.

Despite the growing prevalence of formula-feeding, however, many mothers are faced with criticism and stigma regarding the ways in which they choose to feed their babies.

MamaBee’s new article suggests that parents who feel shame about formula feeding turn to Milk Drunk, a judgment-free virtual community dedicated to shifting the infant feeding culture in the US.

In addition to advancing the destigmatization of formula feeding, Milk Drunk offers expert nutritional research, clever feeding how-to’s, and personal accounts from parents all over the country.

In terms of choosing a formula, MamaBee’s report recommends Bobbie, an organic, milk-based product that’s filled with iron, essential fatty acids, whey protein, and DHS Omega-3s.

Developed by a team of scientists and nutrition experts, Bobbie’s formula was specifically designed for parents who struggle to breastfeed exclusively.

Readers looking for more infant care tips can browse MamaBee’s wide range of parenting and lifestyle articles. The site includes write-ups on newborn must-haves, baby probiotics, nursery essentials, and other related subjects.

Meghna Deshraj who runs MamaBee’s latest report states: “Parents want the best for their baby. That is simple. Regardless of where your feeding journey leads you, the ultimate goal is universal: to have a well-fed, milk-drunk baby. When deciding what the best choice is to ensure your baby is happy and fed, choose an option your parenting gut can trust.”

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