Industrys First Content Analytics For Online Stores Touted As Game Changer

SKUmagic introduces the Industry's first content analytics and online store grader to quickly fix a persistent e-commerce problem that often gets missed resulting in lost sales to competitors like Amazon. E-Commerce store managers can quickly analyze their store by downloading the e-store grader.

SKUmagic developed the industry’s first content analytics solution for online stores to address the top three challenges e-commerce managers face. Namely, flat online sales, complex catalog or product information management and losing sales to competitors like Amazon. Co-Founder Anand Ayyar says “e-Commerce Managers want to improve online traffic and store sales, but also minimize the time and cost of catalog import and product management. Content Analytics software is the fastest way to analyze, optimize and publish catalogs”. E-Commerce store managers can quickly see how their store scores by simply downloading the content analytics e-store grader and health report.

Most Catalog PIMs are too expensive and traditional tools like Excel are out dated resulting in high operations cost that cut into profits. Moreover, SEO spend alone is not creating enough traffic for many stores and poor conversion is the number one reason for flat sales. The purpose of the SKUmagic e-store grader and health check is to find the missing content quickly to prevent lost sales. Online store managers can also visit YouTube to watch a short 2 minute video for more details at

The key factors in product pages that cause cart abandonment have been recognized scientifically. Not every visitor is a buyer, but buyers who do seek specific product information to make decisions require detailed descriptions, great imagery, reasonable pricing, product reviews, quality data, stock information and shipment details. And most importantly, the specific details that support a buy decision. These should be considered bedrock foundational assets for any online store especially those losing sales to Amazon and others. In fact, for many online stores, plenty of opportunity exist to help buyers make good decisions and showcase their value.

For the small business enterprise, investing in product page content diagnostics and optimization is the best strategy and ensures a much higher conversion rate for sales. It’s also the easiest, simplest and fastest first step to lowering catalog operation cost and prevent lost sales. SKUmagic has figured out a way to make PIM simpler and cheaper than anything else in the market without compromising. The SKUmagic solution is straight forward and painless. E-Commerce store managers can quickly see how their store scores by downloading the content analytics e-store grader and health report.

The Process –

– Finds and reports on all quality gaps in product catalogs

– Built in PIM, speeds time to optimize and manage catalog content

– Publishes optimized content across online channels

– SEO features help products get found online for more traffic

The Benefit For EC Store Managers –

– Reduce Time to Market

– Increase Sales and Conversions

– Avoid Product Returns

– Improve Customer Service

– Lower Operational Expenses

– Provides more time to apply for other store task

About SKUmagic

SKUmagic is a content analytics and monitoring platform with built-in PIM/SEO focused on catalog diagnostics and content optimization for e-commerce and marketplaces. SKUmagic allows e-commerce managers to more optimally compete with best in class stores like Amazon and prevent lost sales by identifying, fixing and optimizing their product page content in real time with a color coded grading system for “immediate resolution”. 5 Star services, attention to detail and frequent client communications ensure client satisfaction and removes the stress and pressure associated with managing online stores for e-commerce managers.

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