Industry Veterans Lorne Humenny And Tanis MacDonald Partner With LifeVantage

Lorne Humenny and Tanis MacDonald make incredible transition to LifeVantage. After over a decade of success, the Canadian power couple from Edmonton Alberta have decided to launch a new team and new vision with a great company.

Two unquestionable industry powerhouses Lorne Humenny and Tanis MacDonald made a shocking announcement this week with their move to the emerging nutrition company LifeVantage.

As global networking entrepreneurs that have built international teams producing tens of millions of dollars in revenue the move has turned heads and has many asking why? Never ones to shy away from a new challenge, they claim the move came as a result of needing a change and a new home to grow and develop their team in grounds they felt were more fertile.

After more than 10 years of building and developing sale forces, the power couple was searching for a company that could assist in bringing them and their team to higher level. After months of searching and qualifying potential candidates the couple decided with a mix of heavy heart and eager excitement that LifeVantage would be their new home.

“The timing is just right. All of the experience we’ve gained has given us total clarity on what to look for in a company. LifeVantage just seemed to keep ticking the boxes.” Lorne said.

After years of developing compelling products, designing a competitive compensation plan, and a proven track record of prudent brand management, Life Vantage is attracting the attention of many. The Canadian power couple’s passion to change lives from a health and financial stand point make the partnership a symbiotic one.

Founded in 2003, the companies focus is on people achieving healthy living. Their first big breakthrough happened when the company was featured on the acclaimed ABC Primetime. LifeVantage’s CEO Darren Jensen has taken two main products and built an entire brand and culture around them. Mr.Jensen has 25 years of experience in growing international companies. With the help of him and the talented management team, the business is growing rapidly and are attracting global attention and curiosity.

Lorne and Tanis have accumulated an impressive 5 million dollars in earnings over the last decade. Through their brand Million Dollar Mentors they have worked closely with entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds from around the world. Giving time and attention to developing their teammates mindsets and skill sets is what sets this dynamic duo apart. Their passion for seeing other people succeed under their tutelage is undeniable.

Teaming up with LifeVantage has provided them with the two pillars they have been searching for since they entered the industry. A proven system and a winning culture. With their skill set, experience, and excitement for a fresh start intact, these two pillars are all they need to make another dent in the home business universe.

“Every company has a compensation plan and people claiming they have an opportunity. But their needs to be more. A company that solely focuses on money and opportunity will lose the people they ultimately gain for the same reason. The people who are attracted to companies like that are destined to leave when things get tough or when they are presented a seemingly greener pasture. Building a company is like building a family. Everyone needs to feel that they are cared for and that their best interests are always at the forefront of what is happening. It’s foolish to think there is a perfect company out there. But so long as the company has their heart in the right place, most other short comings can be fixed and improved.” said Tanis.

Lorne and Tanis are thrilled about the opportunity and are already making a splash with promotions and production inside the company within their first month.

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