Industrial Modular Structures Remote Camps For Oil Gas Mining Storage Launched

Companies with commercial and industrial operations that need extra space or remote camps for oil, gas, and mining exploration can benefit from a newly launched range of modular structures.

Companies that operate and manage remote camps for oil, gas, and mining exploration can benefit from a newly launched range of industrial modular structures. Creative Tent International has an experienced team of designers, craftsmen, and manufacturers that can build any custom structure within four to six weeks.

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The newly launched commercial and industrial modular structures are designed to support companies with business operations around the world. The Shasta Shelter is quick to install at any location and requires little equipment. It is ideal for remote mining, oil, and gas exploration camps as well as extra maintenance, storage, and warehouse space.

Modular structures offer businesses flexibility when they need it most. Whether they are expanding to meet demand, increase their storage facilities, or to meet social distancing guidelines. The structures provided by Creative Tent International utilize interoperable parts and configuration options, which means they can easily be expanded or changed at the same pace as the evolving needs of any organization.

In addition, the company supplies a wide range of accessories and configurations are tailored to the requirements of each customer. Options include full width doors, insulating liners, electrical systems, lighting, and flooring solutions.

With Creative Tent International the process is simple. People or organizations interested in a modular structure contact the team to find the best structure to meet their needs. Following this consultation, a team of designers begin manufacturing the structure, which is then shipped via land, air, or sea, ready to build.

The expertly trained service team ensure all installations are safe and efficient. The final step is the activate stage. Within hours and days following the installation, many organizations begin to realize their potential. As well as supporting industrial and commercial operations, the team offer services for the hospitality, aviation, and sports industries.

A company spokesperson said: “We offer the best value by bringing innovative and creative durable fabric solutions to our commercial and industrial customers. Leaders in countless industries have turned to us to provide rapid deployment structures designed for quick installation, lasting durability, and outstanding performance.”

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