Industrial Equipment Supplier in the UK Release Information about New Pyrometers

Earlier today Process Parameters released more information about their newest range of high-temperature pyrometers that are now available to the locals and residents of the UK online.

Earlier this morning a company known as Process Parameters Ltd who are a local manufacturer of industrial equipment headquartered in Maidenhead, published more information about the variety of high-temperature pyromets that are currently available. Process Parameters Ltd are only one of the few suppliers of Optris goods in the UK, so Process Parameters Ltd is for you if you are a fan of Optris brand.

An excellent option for measuring surface temperature through touch samples, such as where it is nearly impossible to measure thin film plastics, paper or high-temperature glass or metals using conventional means. Optris are also an ideal alternative for surface temperature calculation for touch samples, for example when it is nearly impractical, by standard techniques, to measure thin film plastics or paper or high-temperature glass or metals.

Optris provides low cost, highly efficient German-made optical pyrometer for most OEM applications and processes. Additional product details on Process Parameters Ltd is available.

In applications where only air temperature was typically measured, the Optris pyromets provide the ability to calculate the product temp. Saving resources by-commodity temperature regulation and maintaining consistency with quality requirements. By digitally mesuring the sensor, touch approaches, such as thin surfaces or moving objects like spinning drums, do not affect the calculation as much as possible. A very broad temperture measuring scale from -50 ° C to over 2,200 ° C occurs in the High Temperature Pyrometer. Remote calculation makes it easy to take readings from a reasonable distance, meaning that the infrarouge pyrometers have a long sensor life.

Unique dual laser aiming system ensures the perfect aim every time. Shows the user both location and size of measuring spot on the object with a wide range of accessories to make integration with your process as simple as possible.

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