Indoor Dog Potty Grass For Dog Owners Living In Apartments Report Launched

An indoor lawn "toilet" for dogs has been launched and The Pooch Lover has launched a report on it. Called Doggie Lawn, the product is made of natural grass and is accessed via subscription.

The Pooch Lover, an online site for dog lovers, has launched a report detailing the pros and cons of the Doggie Lawn product. Also called the Doggie Potty, the product was designed to solve the problems of dog owners who live in apartments and other confined places with no outdoor “dog toilets” close by.

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The new article includes information on the experience of a real user of the indoor lawn designed for dogs to relieve themselves. Compiled by Paul Elphick, it begins by recounting the misfortune of his friend, Lucy who was laid off from her job.

According to the report, Lucy was a travel agent and after getting laid off she was forced to down-size her accommodation and move into a rented apartment. As such, she was now living in a confined space with her dogs, with no idea how to assist with their bowel needs. This proved especially difficult when the dog owner finally got another job and had to leave her pets at home during the day.

Elphick continues in the report that Lucy’s problems intensified when one of her dogs became ill and would have occasional toilet accidents in the apartment. Since they lived on the third floor, making it difficult for her to take her dogs outside in time for their nature calls, Lucy needed a solution.

Dog lovers learn from the report that Elphick’s friend tried different means of alleviating the problem, including doggy pads and low-budget fake grass, which proved to be messy and smelly failures. Lucy eventually found the solution in the Doggy Potty.

Unlike the other products, the Doggy Lawn is made from real grass. According to the article, the natural grass from this product helps to eliminate odors and dogs are attracted to it.

Other benefits include the fact that it’s easy to dispose so owners need not worry about having to clean up a mess, it’s hydroponic and soil-less, which makes it mess-free, and it comes with disposable gloves. Additionally, the Doggie Toilet can be delivered to one’s door on a subscription basis, it comes with a free training kit and poo bags upon the first order, and there’s easy access to the product experts.

Despite many products having cons in their uses and reviews, Elphick in his article points out that the Doggie Lawn has no negatives. He points out instead, that dog owners should bear in mind that the product works on a subscription basis and they would do well to remain committed to their subscriptions.

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Interested parties can click on the link above to find out more about the Doggie Lawn through the report’s featured videos.

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