Individual Chartered Flight Account Manager Aggregation Guide Launched

A new guide has been launched showing the benefits of private jet travel for customers across the US. It highlights how Villiers can make chartered flights more accessible than ever.

A new private jet and chartered flight guide has been launched showing the benefits chartered flight has over flying commercial. It recommends the cutting edge service from Villiers as a way to bring private flight within reach of anyone.

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Villiers’ new service is easy to use with just three easy steps to find the most competitive private jet charter price.

First, customers search the desired flight plan and get a quote. Villiers’ global network instantly connects to the best private jet charters available in the marketplace. Customers fly at their convenience and can be in the air from a private VIP terminal within two hours of the quote being issued.

Once regarded as the domain of the rich and famous, private jet charters now offer individuals and groups a flexible and luxurious travel option that is practical for all.

The guide explains that for business travelers, the flexibility of private jet charter far outweigh the perceived cost and such services are no longer limited to senior executives. Private VIP terminals and unparalleled flexibility with no queues or delays save hours on any journey meaning more time is spent at the desired destination.

Private jet charters require just twenty minutes for check-in, clear security and boarding. In an era where unexpected delays or cancellations can occur due to increased airline security, technical problems, weather or natural disasters, flying via private jets means more time concentrating on business deals and more relaxing quality time with family.

Private jet charter can also redefine the concept of flexibility. Passengers can visit many sites or countries, even those with poor commercial services.

The newly launched guide highlights that private charters are always available. With Villiers, private charter is available with just one call, allowing customers to arrive at their destination in comfort of luxurious and stress-free surroundings.

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