Indio CA Auto Accident Injury Attorney Announced Expansion Of Services

Coachella valleys top law firm Hartunian Law announces their expansion of services to Indio, CA so that residents can avail the expertise of personal injury attorney Donald Hartunian.

A native of Los Angeles, Attorney Donald R. Hartunian, recently announces his firm’s expansion to Indio, CA. Focused on the Coachella Valley, the success of their firm has pushed it towards expansion in to other regions.

Donald Hartunian offers a range of personal injury attorney services through the Hartunian Law Firm. Their team consists of Donald himself, Desiree Ramos, and Amy Cruz. The team is now expanding their services, which include personal injuries from accidents like car, pedestrian, motorcycle, truck, and dog attacks.

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In 2017, reports show how in Los Angeles County alone, there were over 92,000 reports of injuries and fatalities caused by auto accidents. With drunk driving being a growing epidemic, these numbers frequently rise.

That is not all; reports also analyze how bicycle injuries and fatalities increased by a whopping 7% with 145 deaths in 2017 and up to 155 in 2018.

Motorcyclists have also been victims of rising auto accidents. Data reveals how there were more than 570 deaths in the year 2018, which was a 15.5% increase from the previous year.

All these reports come focused on California. As more and more pedestrians also lose their lives in traffic wrecks, there is a need to have a personal injury attorney that can help you with all kinds of legalities.

A personal injury attorney can provide guidance about laws, how to manage a post-accident scenario, and help with settlements as well.

With the help of attorneys like Donald Hartunian, auto accident victims can manage medical bills, therapy, and even loss of income due to injury or fatality of a loved one. This can help make the situation a lot less stressful.

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Hartunian law firm has a range of personal injury attorney services such as a free consultation.

Hartunian law firm is expanding its auto accident injury attorney services in Indio, CA. Based in the Coachella Valley, CA, their success had led them to reach other regions and help potential client’s legal matters.

Donald Hartunian has an astounding success rate of 95% in his cases, after representing 1400 clients in which around 1100 were car and motorcycle accident injury cases. His experience alone is of 27 years, which is why the firm has a ‘no recovery, no fee’ policy, where clients don’t pay until the case is won.

Many people require legal help after auto accidents for their assets, damage, financial management, and more. An attorney can help clients with the process and significantly lower the financial burden. Interested parties can visit the links provided above or contact the firm at the information listed below.

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