Indie Music Queen City Heist Launches New Songs for Alternative Rock

Alternative Rock Music by Queen City Heist offers free mp3 downloads of each track off their new official EP "Rock And Soul Music" as well as independent reviews from indie rock music critics.

/PressCable/ — Rock music fans and followers of the indie rock scene are invited to listen to new music by Queen City Heist, a female-fronted five piece rock band from Clarksville, Tennessee. The group has been receiving positive reviews since releasing the new songs on their official Queen City Heist website.

The band mixes rock music with elements of soul, the blues, reggae and funk to create an original alternative rock sound with a modern edge. According to indie music crictic Lee Carson, CEO of Prescott Productions LLC, “Queen City Heist has established an authentic sound that takes vintage concepts of earlier rock; fusing them into a new and improved modern sound.”

The band consists of:

-Skye Mangrum, lead vocal singer/songwriter and rhythm guitarist-Jacob Morrison, lead guitarist and back up vocalist-Matthew Powers on bass guitar-Jason Mangrum on keyboard-Bill McDonald, drums/percussion

A recent review by Alex Faulkner, music critic for “The Faulkner Review” said, “Aside from Skye's huge vocal range, the contribution of the musicians to the band's sound should not be overlooked, with the drumming of Bill McDonald bringing to mind great drummers such as Deep Purple's Ian Paice and more modern drummers such as Dave Grohl and Jimmy Chamberlain.”

Professional blogger, writer and punk rocker Sir Jorge commented, “Queen City Heist is a band that you will immediately fall in love with. From the vocal style of the singer to the music mix, you will find that they bring about passion in every step of their musical saturation.”

Queen City Heist is offering both streaming and download versions of three new songs recorded at Mind2Mass Studios with engineer, Edison Vidro. Listen to 30 second clips of each new song from their EP “Rock & Soul Music” or download the full versions of each song from the official web site.

Bella Dulce, blogger for “Glitter And Stilettos” said in her review of the new songs, “Giving fans a teaser into the rock-heavy world of Queen City Heist, their newest EP is a righteous fusion of soulful musings, vintage ambiance, and cutting-edge rock sounds. Consisting of 3 breathtaking tracks, the EP is a methodical demonstration of the band's extensive musical soundscape. Queen City Heist expresses the fierce American spirit and the vivacious voice of emerging independent musicians on the fast track to stardom.”

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