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O'Neill Enterprises Inc (ONE) announces joint venture agreement with StreeXB Entertainment group to create a comprehensive online training platform for Independent Music Artists and fans of music.

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Dori O’Neill President and CEO of O’Neill Enterprises Inc (ONE) announces joint venture agreement with StreeXB Entertainment group to create a comprehensive online Music Artist training platform for Independent Music Artists and fans of music.

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The goal for the StreeXB Indie Artist Hub project is to provide the training and support to help promising independent music artists get the training and mentoring that they need to enjoy a successful career in the music industry. The platform will also offer non-entertainers (music fans) training on how to have a career in the music industry. Training for these individuals will range from learning how to be a sound technician to the StreeXBs own Ambassador* training (*Talent Scout training).

The StreeXB Indie Artist Hub platform will also be designed to cater to the music fan. Fans of music will have special access to new music releases created by StreeXB Indie Artists. In addition StreeXB fans will receive regular communication about the Indie music scene.

To accomplish this ONE will create an online platform that will feature a members only online training areas. Inside, members will find training in a variety of forms. Interactive video training produced by experienced and successful music industry veterans will cover topics from proper breath control techniques all they way to how to engage with an audience both online and live. The platform will also provide access to private members only Facebook and Skype groups. Here the students will be able to ask questions and get advise real time mentoring from a distance. Google Hangouts and Periscope broadcast systems will be used to create live events for both training purposes and entertainment.

Individuals that are exploring career opportunities in the Music Industry will also have access to similar training options specific to the career path that they’re looking to enter.

The partnership will bring StreeXB’s years of grassroot experience building an infrastructure for the Indie music industry and ONE extensive knowledge of the internet and internet marketing. This unique collaboration will create global awareness of the new emerging Indie music industry.

In the near future, Indie Music Artists and Music Fans will see a one stop destination to see emerging talent and participate in the expansion of the indie industry, the new model will create compensation for identifying new talent for fans and result in making the world a better place through music because both fans and artist are rewarded!

When asked about the new joint venture, Robbe Hardnette from The StreeXB Entertainment Group said “This is the end result of years of research and development from our what we call “The Human Laboratory”, we literally have held hundreds of hours of focus groups to find out what youth and youth of heart are stimulated by.”

Dori O’Neill, President and CEO of O’Neill Enterprises Inc. Stated this about the new venture, “The creation of the Indie Artist Hub membership platform will provide the independent music community artists and fans a central online location that’s purpose is to expand the awareness of new undiscovered talent.

By providing the music artists with online video training and support as well as live training and mentoring using tools like Google hangouts, Facebook private groups, interactive group Skype calls and Periscope, StreeXB will be in a position to help these new up and coming artists learn the skills they need to move up the charts. The platform will also be valuable to music fans as they will discover new talent and new music by way of our built in communication system that premiers and show cases new talent in almost in real time. The end result is that a new artist will be in a position using the StreeXB platform to earn income while learning their trade.”

To increase community awareness and raise capital to complete the project StreeXB launched a crowd funding program on Indiegogo.

Current and future customers are invited to learn more about the joint venture and how they will benefit by visiting the website at

About The O’Neill Enterprises Inc. and the StreeXB Entertainment Group

O’Neill Enterprises Inc. was founded in June 1988 and consults with online and offline businesses.

The StreeXB Entertainment Group was founded in 2004 and serves as an Lifestyle Media network for Today’s Indie Artist.

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