Indie Book Formatting Custom Interior Design Kindle Conversion Services Launched

WMC Publishing, a professional publishing house, launched a full range of formatting and book interior design services. This established publisher works hard to provide hand-crafted, custom services which are in complete accordance with their clients’ needs and adhere to professional industry standards.

WMC Publishing, an independent publishing house, launched a variety of professional book formatting and interior design services.

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Book formatting is essential for all authors preparing to have their book published. While many authors are able to perform a certain amount of formatting without professional assistance, once the manuscript is proofread and corrected, professional formatting services are essential for successful publishing.

Furthermore, as Kindle books continue to grow in popularity, having their book optimized for Kindle readers can help many authors reach a new, growing public.

WMC Publishing is an independent publishing house with years of experience providing professional formatting and conversion services to its own authors. To expand its services, it has recently decided to provide the same high-quality, professional formatting and book interior design services to independent authors as well.

The publisher provides high-quality formatting for a wide range of authors and genres. The service offers high quality, hand-crafted, print-on-demand interiors, with attention to the smallest details.

WMC Publishing strives to provide custom formatting services that meet the needs of both authors and distributors. The publishing house works closely with authors to ensure that all formatting and interior design is done according to the client’s preferences while also adhering to professional publishing standards.

The publishing market is saturated with formatting services performed using nothing more than standard formatting software, working with a limited number of basic templates. WMC Publishing however has years of experience offering hand-crafted interior design and formatting services, and works hard to create book designs that meet the needs of their clients.

To ensure that all projects are correctly priced, the company provides individual quotations for each independent author, based on their individual formatting needs.

WMC Publishing offers optional cover design and Kindle conversion services.

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