Indie Artist Marketing Worldwide Distribution Advertising Services Launched

IndieNation updated its marketing and distribution services to allow indie artists throughout the world to promote their music to a wide audience through hyper-targeted social media marketing, advertising, press relations and other strategies.

IndieNation, a platform dedicated to promoting indie artists throughout the world, announced an updated range of digital marketing and distribution services for independent artists looking to improve their market reach and connect with more potential fans. The platform offers social media marketing, press relations, music reviews, radio advertising and a variety of other services.

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Independent artists often find it challenging to promote their music, as they have limited access to mainstream media channels. IndieNation was developed as an efficient and affordable way for independent artists to increase their digital presence and build a large online following.

The platform announced an updated range of services, combining digital marketing with radio advertising and press relations into full-service distribution and promotion packages adapted to the needs of modern indie artists.

The standard package for a single release includes a guaranteed release date, music review, social media marketing, advanced sales analytics and standard radio advertising. The social media marketing campaigns are tailored to the target audience of each artist, helping them build a solid following and create a vibrant community of fans.

Artists looking for complete marketing and distribution can opt for the viral release package. Additional benefits include an IndieSpeaks release interview, a complete press release campaign, social media advertising, heat map tracking, and radio placement in a network of more than 30,000 radio stations.

The recent service update is part of IndieNation’s efforts to provide cutting-edge marketing and distribution solutions for independent artists in all genres.

A spokesperson for the company said: “IndieNation from the start has been about finding an innovative solution to generate more income for independent artists. They’ll find everything they need to promote themselves and further their career. Blogs, music videos, features, press releases, social media promotions, competitions and achievements, radio, the capabilities are endless and will be ever changing to suit the needs of the independent artist.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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