Indianapolis Slam/Performance Poetry – Mental Health And Healing Books Announced

Indianapolis, IN - Performance poet, Aisha Tariqa Abdul Haqq, relaunches her two books as they reach four years since publication. The American author believes that poetry is a powerful method of expression that can connect with any person, regardless of age, culture, or background.

As her best-selling mental health performance poetry books reach a new milestone, Aisha Tariqa Abdul Haqq explains the importance of creativity in one’s life. With the announcement, the mental health advocate and American poet explains that everyone has a story to tell, and poetry can be one avenue in which to express it.

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Her first book, Four Years in Chrysalis, celebrates its fourth year since it was first published. Just as relevant now as it was then, the collection of poetry explores different facets of love, with the latter half of poems devoted to her affection for her brother, who was murdered at an early age. It is an emotional and personal insight into Aisha’s life and is a testament that creativity can become a strength, especially when expressed so viscerally.

Her second book, which also passes its fourth year, is Acres of Shadow which takes on the form of narrative poetry. Trying her hand in different forms of prose, Aisha talks about the incalculable emotion of grief and how it cannot be simplified into a poem – though she tries to express it as best as she can. From disillusionment to devastation, Acres of Shadow is a powerful poetry book that can be used to help one’s healing journey from a loss.

Critics praise Aisha’s work to be a beautiful blend of realism with surrealism. They hail her as a budding American poet whose style encapsulates rather than deters. Both books are raw and open and invite the reader to self-reflect: “Why does this poem speak so much to me?”

The answer, she says, is because poems unveil the truth. Despite the misconception that poetry is super “fancy” and “unrealistic”, it is often the gateway to a truer emotion: one that defies expectation and discloses raw feelings in their purest forms.

She writes, “We all feel the same things. We all want to be understood. We all have unspeakable pain, and we all share similar stories of struggle.”

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