Indianapolis Online Review Management For Businesses – Expert Services Launched

Carmel, Indiana company JFT Web Marketing announced that their new “5-star in 5 days” service is now available for businesses looking to better manage their online reviews.

JFT Web Marketing, a business development company in Carmel, Indiana, announced the launch of their “5-star in 5 days” special. This limited-time offer can help businesses with a low star rating improve their online reviews.

More information can be found at With the latest announcement, the team at JFT Web Marketing are committed to helping businesses gain more customers and remain competitive.

Online review management plays a crucial role in the success of any business. Before making a purchase decision people check the online reviews. Businesses with an online rating of 4.5 or lower are likely to lose potential clients and send them to their competitors.

Therefore, ensuring that one’s online business pages have higher positive reviews would help in enhancing their online reputation.

The JFT Web Marketing review management software allows businesses to take control of managing their online reviews by encouraging their happy clients to leave reviews.

Clients who leave a 4.5 and above review are asked to go online to leave a review and those with a 4.0 and lower are informed that the owner or manager of the business will be contacted about their concern. The system does this automatically, with either a sign-in form, business card handout, or a postcard being mailed.

The JFT Web Marketing software enables businesses to analyze the root cause of negative reviews so that they can focus on improving their services and products. Over time, with review management, they should see an improved reputation and more customers choosing their business.

In addition, the software is very secure and has full 3rd party verified HIPAA Compliance, delivering admin access with full data encryption and double encrypted passwords.

The system also provides the option to hide the client’s name and is monitored 24/7 with a minimal 99.9% verified up-time.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our mission is to partner with locally owned businesses to help them reach their potential as a high-performing organization. We do this by providing our clients with the freedom to focus on what matters the most, their clients and their business.”

Interested parties can be find more information on the 5 Stars in 5 Days limited special at

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