Indianapolis IN Top Buyer Agent Shares Home Buying Tips for Moving to Indy

Watch Top Buyer Agent Sue's exclusive interview to learn more about her expertise and home buying tips to guide buyers in moving to Indianapolis, IN.

Indianapolis, IN – One of the top buyer agents within the state of Indiana is featured in a new video presented by Skyfor, Inc. Outstanding real estate agents from across the country are filmed in the 2020 “Buyer Agent Search Broker Interviews” video series. This week’s featured Indianapolis, Indiana agent, Sue, has extensive agent experience of over 30 years. She has been with Buyer Agent Search since 2003 and has consistently gained excellent reviews from buyers. In this new video, it is clear that the bar is set high for the service’s recommended buyer agents. The video helps consumers see the qualities to look for when they are moving and in search of a competent and trustworthy agent.

To learn more about Sue’s expertise and home buying tips, watch and listen to the full exclusive interview here:

Sue gives expert home buying tips for consumers interested in relocating to Indianapolis, IN. According to Sue, a home buyer must take serious note of the following home buying tips: 1. When talking about home preferences, the clearer the vision, the easier the home buying process will be. Utilize all forms of communication such as email or text messaging and phone calls. Maintaining an open line of communication will prevent miscommunication and misunderstanding. 2. Be involved. Be curious about the property and ask questions about why values in one area may be different from another. Study neighborhoods and what makes a home have “good bones”. 3. Take a look at multiple listings. There are many areas within the state of Indiana that are surely worth looking into. Sue covers 16 counties. After checking the internet and cruising neighborhoods, personally visit houses with a chosen agent. Apart from real estate market expertise, a buyer agent who is local in the area can definitely help determine whether the property is a match or not. 4. Listen to the hired agent. Buyer’s preferences are always a top priority. However, there will be situations when the buyer’s preferences need revisiting. When this happens, take a moment to listen and see the property from the agent’s perspective. This agent has years of experience with helping buyers purchase homes in central Indiana. 5. Do home inspections. It might be troublesome, but in reality, inspections mean investment protection. It saves consumers from wasting money on a home that could be owned for many years.

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