Indianapolis Chiropractic Clinic DRS Protocol Spinal Decompression Announced

Mass Ave Chiropractic announced its premier spinal decompression treatments using the safe, painless, effective and entirely non-invasive DRS Protocol, delivered by the specialist Dr. Joseph Kielur that is the best way to help patients in Indianapolis find relief for their chronic pain and disk conditions.

The popular Mass Ave Chiropractic and the renowned Dr. Joseph Kielur announced its premier and highly effective spinal decompression treatments using the DRS Protocol, ideal to help patients suffering from chronic pain and severe disk conditions.

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Mass Ave Chiropractic is a highly popular and patient-centered chiropractic health care practice led by the renowned Dr. Joseph Kielur and committed to providing the most effective, complete and personalized care for chronic back or neck pain and other neuromusculoskeletal complaints for patients in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The renowned chiropractic health care provider announced its premier and highly effective spinal decompression treatments using the DRS Protocol, a revolutionary, safe, painless and relaxing approach combining entirely non-surgical and non-invasive treatments and therapies to gradually relieve disc compression and other related disc conditions commonly associated with chronic pain.

The treatments, ideal to help patients suffering from chronic pain and disk conditions, including a herniated disc or degenerative disk disease, low back pain, sciatic pain, numbness and tingling of the legs/feet, facet syndrome, spinal stenosis or failed back surgery syndrome, and more, are delivered by a dedicated and experienced team of professionals out of its state-of-the-art facilities located at 611 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Appointments along with more information on the leading DRS Protocol spinal decompression treatments provided by Dr. Joseph Kielur and its proven track record treating chronic back and neck pain or disc conditions can be requested at 317 554-0748 or through the website link provided above along with details on its renowned ‘patient centered healthcare’ philosophy supported by multiple patient testimonials.

Mass Ave Chiropractic explains that “with our philosophy of patient centered healthcare, all our treatments are customized to fit each patient’s needs and unique condition to provide the gold standard of care they have struggled to find in their journey with chronic pain by a staff striving to make each healthcare experience as positive, easy, comfortable and timely as possible. Our DRS Protocol has proven to be highly effective in helping patients suffering with chronic pain who, despite surgical and other non-surgical treatments, haven’t found relief yet”.

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