India Natural Newborn Baby Soap And Moisturizer Cream Bath/Skincare Range Launch

Littloo, a company specializing in safe, high-quality baby care items based in New Delhi, India, has announced a new range of products featuring bath and skincare products such as soap, bathing bars, moisturizer cream, massage oil, and face cream.

The new product range incorporates mild, natural ingredients that are easy on young children’s skin. They can be purchased all together as a baby combo kit, one among 6 kits on offer on the company’s website.

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The announcement aims to offer new mothers and mothers with young children an alternative to mainstream baby products. These new items can prevent children’s exposure to harmful chemicals that could cause discomfort or even physical or mental damage.

Littloo’s mission can be seen as part of a growing movement in global corporate, consumer, and public sectors toward health consciousness and environmental sustainability. Companies and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of toxic ingredients in mainstream consumer products. Littloo’s baby care products contribute to this growing awareness and offer solutions by using safe, non-toxic ingredients.

For example, the company’s baby bathing bars are formulated with natural, gentle, non-irritating ingredients like olive, almond, and jojoba oils; hydrolyzed wheat protein; shea butter; vitamin E; and glycerin. They will gently cleanse, nourish, and moisturize babies’ delicate skin.

Their baby cream for face, baby cream for dry skin is made with calendula extract and murumuru butter, which are gentle and mild on delicate skin, non-greasy and non-sticky, and provide softness and nourishment. The cream also actively works to form a protective barrier on babies’ skin. Customers who purchase this product will receive a surprise gift.

Littloo was founded to provide safe, high-quality baby care products online. Their skincare items don’t feature dangerous ingredients like parabens, sulphates, glycols, or synthetic dyes. Customers will find many helpful tips on their blog and social media pages. Littloo recommends healthy mind-body practices for young children, including daily positive affirmations, yoga, and healthy eating.

A satisfied customer said about the baby bathing bar: “The scent is mild and comforting. My baby feels super clean after her bath. This soap, unlike other organic soaps, doesn’t melt fast or become soggy or mushy, and is long-lasting. My 3-year-old has very sensitive skin, so getting a good baby soap that doesn’t cause rashes has been a challenge. This product is very good.”

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