India Home Automation Cubical Labs Smartphone House Control New Service Launched

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Cubical Labs, an Indian home automation company, has launched, offering home owners the chance to control and monitor their home through the Internet of Things concept. The technology allows users to manage their home through their smartphone.

A new home automation service has launched called Cubical Labs, based on the Internet of Things philosophy that allows everyday objects to send and receive data. Cubical Labs is bringing the smart home living concept to India before looking to expand globally. With Cubical home automation, users can control their electrical devices, watch live video feed from their home and manage and moderate their electrical consumption from anywhere in the world.

More information can be found on the Cubical Labs website at:

The site explains that Cubical was created by the bright minds of IIT Guwahati, India. It is a Delhi based company with a head office in Dwarka and a branch office in Mumbai. The company has established a wide network of distributors and dealers across India with a primary vision of providing high quality and affordable solutions for controlling electrical appliances with minimal human intervention.

Cubical’s patented Cube-R technology offers less data consumption than its competitors and integrates well with other protocols, bringing revolution to the industry of IoT. The company boasts a team of highly motivated employees with the mission of building the ultimate, comprehensive home automation service from India.

Cubical Labs develops, designs, manufactures and markets a range of home automation products, as well as peripheral products for households, offices, hotels, and other commercial and residential properties. The products offer customers more intelligent homes and smarter living environments.

A full list of features is available on the Cubical Labs website, including full automation control, which allows home owners to switch on and off all of their electrical appliances, including lights, fans, air conditioning, TV, and other services from anywhere using their smartphone.

Other features include surveillance, allowing home owners to view their home through IP cameras, giving them a live feed throughout the day with seven days of video recording. Customers can also monitor energy consumption in real time, and all the while their home will be learning from customer needs and will automatically take care of climate and light settings.

Interested parties wanting to find out more can get in touch with Cubical Labs through the contact form available on site.

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