Independent Podcast Network Provides Online Consulting Service to Podcasters

Independent Podcast Network (IPN) is partnering with experts in the podcasting industry to offer online consulting services to podcasters who want to grow their shows and achieve podcast success.

Independent Podcast Network (IPN) is partnering with successful players in the podcasting industry to offer online consulting services to podcasters. Independent Podcast Network will avail podcast consultants to podcasters who want to grow their podcast shows and achieve podcasting success, using Zoom for personalized online meetings between podcasters and podcast consultants.

The podcast consultants on IPN harbor in-depth experience regarding the best podcasting practices, being mature in the industry. The CEO of the podcast network, Sunny Gault, has over 15 years of podcasting experience that she will share with podcasters through IPN’s podcast coaching and consulting program.

Independent Podcast Network is a podcasting solutions provider that assists podcasters launch and run successful podcast shows. The podcast network also provides tools to struggling podcasters.

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Independent Podcast Network offers podcast consulting through the enlisting of the various podcasting experts on IPN’s website. Podcasters get to choose from the team of podcasting professionals, ranging from entertainment attorneys to individual podcasters to media personalities with podcasting backgrounds.

Sunny Gault is a journalist who has graced numerous TV stations in the US in her journalism career. Sunny started podcasting in 2005, developing through learning, practice, and experience, podcasting fundamentals for success. The podcast network’s website has a button to schedule a meeting with Sunny for podcasters who want to leverage Sunny’s podcasting knowledge to grow podcast audience and revenue.

Other Independent Podcast Network podcast consultants with access links in the platform include Dave Jackson, Matthew Bivens, Gordon Firemark, Heather Osgood, John Bukenas, Ted Woods, and Andrea Sager. Podcasters get to apply proven strategies shared by these podcast consultants on the podcast network.

Dave Jackson, an IPN podcast consultant, has amassed over 15 years of experience in podcasting, besides founding the School of Podcasting that educates on podcast planning, launching, and growing podcasts. Matthew Bivens has worked on over 1000 podcast projects and looks forward to transferring this wealth of podcasting knowledge to podcasters seeking podcast coaching on IPN.

Gordon Firemark, the ‘podcast lawyer,’ will offer podcast coaching in terms of the legal solutions to legal problems/ dilemmas arising from podcasting. Heather Osgood’s podcast consulting services will connect podcasters to advertisers and contribute towards lead generation.

John Bukenas will deal with podcasters’ tech issues including, sound, production, location set-up, and podcast editing. Ted Woods will be resourceful to podcasters seeking to learn successful media integration into podcasting, banking on Ted’s 11 plus radio hosting experience. Finally, Andrea Sager will offer brand protection and other business law services to podcast entrepreneurs.

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