Independent Podcast Network Partners with Megaphone for Podcast Hosting

Independent Podcast Network (IPN) has partnered with Megaphone and the Spotify Ad Network (SPAN) to offer podcast hosting and monetization for members on their platform.

Independent Podcast Network (IPN) has partnered with Megaphone to offer podcast hosting for members on the platform. Megaphone is a podcast hosting provider with monetization capabilities. Paid members of Independent Podcast will have the option of hosting their podcasts on Megaphone and enjoy the array of monetization features the platform offers.

According to its website, Independent Podcast Network will make use of Megaphone features, including podcast publishing, success rate measurement, and monetization, to give value and success to the member podcasters.

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IPN is a podcast network that helps its members grow their podcasts, monetize their content, and connect with other podcasters through their online community. IPN recommends hosting on Megaphone for members who are serious about making money with their podcast. According to IPN’s website, Megaphone, through Spotify Ad Network (SPAN), sells ads for the IPN members who are interested in having Megaphone sell advertising on their shows.

Megaphone negotiates with interested advertisers who wish to sell ads on podcasters’ content and pays the podcasters based on the number of impressions affected by the podcasts. Megaphone breaks the barrier that blocks successful podcasting for up-and-coming podcasters, who must achieve a large number of impressions before monetization and payment can affect while on other podcast hosting platforms.

According to IPN’s website, Megaphone automates its monetization procedures by running advertisers ads on member podcasts. In so doing, Megaphone allows members to get a real-time impression of podcast viewership and success rate, simplifying the podcast tracking process for planning and strategizing purposes.

According to IPN, Megaphone automation only requires little input from the podcasters’ side. Podcasters only have to set pre-roll, post-roll, and mid-roll ad markers in their podcast episodes. The podcast network prefers that its members set mid-rolls due to its high success rate. Other SPAN benefits include podcasters’ ability to choose their preferred minimum price for ad placement on their podcasts.

According to Independent Podcast Network, the revenue sharing formula employs a 50-50 sharing model. The podcaster earns 50 percent of the total podcast episodes proceeds while SPAN, takes 50 percent of ad impression generated profits.

Aspiring and veteran podcasters who wish to set up Megaphone accounts for successful and profitable podcast hosting can fill our Megaphone intake form at: and have IPN onboard the podcasts into their successful podcast monetization program.

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