Independent Podcast Network Partners with Digitent Podcasts for Promotion & Ads

Independent Podcast Network (IPN) is partnering with Digitent Podcasts to cross-promote podcasts hosted on IPN's platform and to secure ad sponsorship for shows on the podcast network.

Independent Podcast Network (IPN) is partnering with Digitent Podcasts to cross-promote podcasts hosted on the Independent Podcast Network platform and to secure ad sponsorship for podcast shows on the podcast network. Digitent Podcasts will feature IPN’s podcast shows including, Preggie Pals, Twin Talks, Parent Savers, Newbies, and Boob Group. These podcasts help expectant parents and new parents navigate pregnancy and entertain them during the various pregnancy and child care phases.

Independent Podcast Network is a podcast network that leverages podcasting tools and podcast coaching to help new and veteran podcasters grow and monetize podcast shows and connect to share podcasting knowledge and insights.

According to its website, Independent Podcast Network simplifies podcasting by providing podcasters with experts, tools, and resources to stay competitive. Experts on the podcast network offer podcast coaching and training to prospective, new, and established podcasters to uplift their creation process and draw an audience attracted to that creative production process.

Independent Podcast Network also provides tools such as the Megaphone platform for podcast monetization. Megaphone allows for the real-time tracking of live podcast performance via various metrics such as the number of listeners at any particular instance.

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Digitent Podcasts is a podcast network focused on health and wellness topics to promote a healthier and happier life. Digitent Podcasts is building an eco-system of content and influencers including its own original podcast shows, partnerships with other podcast shows and networks, and branded content. It will grow the engaged audience through cross-promotion and marketing and connect the content with relevant sponsors.

Digitent Podcasts is consolidating health and wellness shows, their experts, influencers, and audiences. In so doing, Digitent Podcasts make the podcasts more discoverable and accessible to this fast-growing segment. Independent Podcast Network and Digitent Podcasts’ collaboration will utilize this arrangement to enable Independent Podcast Networks’ podcasts to experience audience growth by gaining new listeners, and secure sponsorship that leverages dynamic ad insertions made possible by a programmatic ad platform.

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