Independent Podcast Network Launches YouTube Channel to Educate New Podcasters

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Experts at Independent Podcast Network have officially launched their YouTube channel to help educate new and experienced podcasters on how to create successful shows.

Independent Podcast Network (IPN) is now providing its exceptional educational services on YouTube for individuals who are interested in starting a podcast or taking their podcast to the next level.

Featured on their YouTube channel are important instructions and complete guidance from the podcast experts and professionals for all those individuals who want to excel in their podcasting career. The network takes the guesswork out of how to a career out of podcasting professionally, regardless of whether the content is based around a business, or simply for fun. IPN is helping all independent podcasters to stay competitive and active in the field of podcasting by uploading tutorials and informative videos every week.

For more information about IPN, visit their website at

The Independent Podcast Network YouTube channel provides viewers with expertise and knowledge to help them improve both the production quality and content of their podcast. These videos are geared towards brand new podcasters and experienced ones. The network is also partnering with outside podcasting experts who are influencers in the podcasting space for topics such as podcast monetization, technology, and podcast equipment as well as the legal side of podcasting.

Videos on the YouTube channel are featured in specific playlists that outline what the network calls “The 5 Ps of Podcasting”. This includes Prep, Plan, Produce, Promote, and Profit. These videos explain the necessary steps every podcaster needs to know in order to have a successful and profitable podcast.

Popular videos on the channel include a breakdown of how to create a script or outline for a podcast, why podcasters should consider using Megaphone as their podcast host provider, and common questions about music copyright and how to legally use songs in podcasts.

Discover their video content and learn the secrets of how to launch and grow a podcast, by visiting their YouTube channel at

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