Independent Podcast Network Launches Podcasting Channels On Their Network

Fast-growing community of podcasting solutions providers, Independent Podcast Network, announces the launch of channels on their podcast network to reach a wider audience.

Independent Podcast Network is continuing in the pursuit of promoting quality podcasting and helping podcasters, as well as advertisers, reach their target audience with relative ease with the launch of channels on their podcast network. The move will help the network promote their podcasts more efficiently while easing the task for advertisers to get the best from their campaigns as well as make it easy for listeners to navigate their desired content.

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The global podcasting industry continues to evolve, thanks to the emergence of new solutions as well as amazing content creators delivering shows to meet the needs of their audience. In a related development, businesses have leveraged the increasing popularity of podcasting to promote their brand. Unfortunately, thousands of podcasters still struggle to establish the desired connection with the audience, which has also been reflected in the performance of ad campaigns. However, the team at Independent Podcast Network (IPN) looks poised to change this narrative as substantiated with the launch of podcast channels on their network.

Channels are a collection of podcasts that are grouped together according to their topics, helping the network to promote their podcasts and have a wider reach. Advertisers also achieve more with their campaigns, with the opportunity to purchase ads across an entire channel and work with more podcasters within the same project.

IPN currently has 16 channels on its network, with plans to add more podcasts that fit these categories. The featured channels are Pregnancy and Parenting, Home and Garden, Food and Cooking, Health and Wellness, Money and Finance, Entrepreneurs and Business, Marriage and Relationships, and Education and Training. Other channel categories are Computers and Technology, Marketing and Social Media, Sports and Recreation, Kids and Family, Religion and Spirituality, News and Entertainment, Fashion and Beauty, and Society and Culture.

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