Independent Filmmakers Video Streaming Roku TV Channel Service Launched

Roku TV channel production company Herbert TV Production launched its streaming service for independent filmmakers. The service also works with streamers and video content creators. Filmmakers can now affordably showcase trailers, short films, and feature-length films on their dedicated channel.

Roku TV channel production company Herbert TV Production announced the launch of its video streaming website creation service for independent filmmakers. The production company supports the work of filmmakers by helping them broaden the reach of their work through their own TV channel.

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The UK based video streaming channel company supports independent film producers and directors seeking to stream video content to a global audience. Herbert TV Production designs, creates, and manages a channel while filmmakers and other video content producers supply the video content to be streamed on a dedicated television channel.

The television channel company in Leicester leverages the versatility and reach of Roku TV as a broadcasting platform. The platform is well suited to the needs of local businesses, independent streamers, online influencers, and video content creators who seek to grow beyond the scope of streaming or vlogging.

Herbert TV Production charges $10,000 as a channel setup fee and $500 per video irrespective of its length. The unique per-video pricing structure makes the company’s channel a cost-effective alternative to syndicated networks. Independent filmmakers can choose to have teasers, trailers, interviews, montages, commercials, and feature-length video stream through their own branded channel.

The video streaming television channel company in the UK also helps gamers and livestreamers transition from smaller viewer bases to mainstream television with their own channel. Channel owners can customize and monetize content by running advertisements on their channel.

According to a spokesperson for Herbert TV Production, “Independent filmmakers often work within stringent budgets and we look forward to supporting them by providing affordable television streaming services that meet the highest TV and streaming standards.”

Herbert TV Production is a video streaming production firm serving filmmakers, streamers, and video content creators across the Globe. More information is available at the URL above.

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