Independent Audience Engineering For People Based Marketing Beats The Ad Bots

InMarket Prospects held an informative webinar on People Based Marketing and for a limited time, Advertising Agencies can view the webinar for free at

Advertising Agencies interested in learning more about the challenges of People Based Marketing can view an exclusive webinar on People Based Marketing for free on the InMarket Prospects website:

In addition to answering questions about People Based Marketing, InMarket Prospects also covered the topic of Independent Audience Engineering during the webinar. Referred to as independent because, audiences are engineered outside of the major Ad Platforms and Programmatic Exchanges, then brought back into the systems as Custom Audience Campaigns as first party data from retargeting. One of the most surprising facts explored during the InMarket Prospects presentation is that the People-Based data framework for People Based Marketing operates on 100% transactionally deterministic data (buyers), which few Advertising Agencies are aware of. Plus, these audiences can cost pennies or fractions of pennies compared to the bloated first click cost through the major ad platforms.

Most People Based Marketing starts with uploading CRM data, prospects or customers and matching that data to a deterministic, quantifiable, People-Based data framework. Then, to find the in market intent, the behavior, those matched data segments are correlated with probabilistic 3rd party data and tags. This is where a solid, deterministic process can fall short, adding probabilistic 3rd party data and tags with unverified sources, creates a fuzzy layer to what could be a solid identity graph.

What’s unusual in the Independent Audience Engineering process is, on boarding CRM data, prospects or customers is not the starting point. It’s not even part of the second stage, rather, it’s third in the process. The starting point is a keyword profile, a list of the top keywords matching specific InMarket, behavioral intent. Matching the top keywords to the specific websites with ad units on the specific websites getting organic traffic from those keywords, allows for the creation of new, deterministic data segments. Specifically, data segments connected to People Based InMarket behavioral intent.

The full agenda of this informative webinar also includes:

Expansive details on Independent Audience Engineering – Connecting People-Based Identity to InMarket Keyword search behavior

Addressable advertising in the Omnichannel – One to one messaging to People not Bots

For more information and to for free access to the full video, interested Advertising Agencies can visit the website at

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